Red Thread Scholarship Program: How You Can Apply

Red Thread Scholarship

The Red Thread Scholarship is for international female high school students who want to attend college and plan to start at an accredited college or university in the United States in the fall. 


If they are chosen, students get a grant of $1,000 to help defray the cost of educational expenditures such as fees, books, and living expenses. 


Other awards can be given out depending on how much money is left over.


The Red Thread Scholarship Program takes applications from international female students who are starting their first year at a college or university in the United States. 


This includes women who are foreign students, immigrants, or first-generation Americans. 


Those seeking admission into graduate programs are ineligible. There are no criteria regarding GPA or residency in the United States.


What is the Red Thread Scholarship?


Since it started in 2010, Red Thread has been able to help a large number of women who want to go to college with significant financial support. 


The idea that would later become the organization came from the desire to help women who have finished high school find ways to move forward with their lives. 


Seminars put on by The Red Thread help people get better at their jobs and learn how to be leaders. They also offer financial help in the form of scholarships. 


The programs are made with three main goals in mind: to help students build a healthy sense of self-confidence; to encourage young women to go to college; and to help students who want to go to college with their schoolwork. 


The procedure of applying for scholarships is divided into two stages: the screening stage consists of filling out an application and having an interview with a member of the Red Thread team. 


The second step is sending in an essay in response to a question the scholarship provider gives you.


The Red Thread Foundation for Women offers a great scholarship to women from other countries, such as immigrants, foreign students, or first-generation Americans.


It is also open to new students who will be attending a college or university in the United States for the fall semester of the next school year. 


There are no criteria for GPA or residency in the United States. 


The funds for tuition can be used to pay for everything linked to the applicant’s education, such as textbooks, laptops, travel expenditures, and other living costs.


How do I apply?


The application requires applicants to submit one letter of recommendation as well as two essays and a few questions with short response options. 


To submit an application, you must either sign in to your existing Google account or create a new one. 


The application form needs to be uploaded to the website before the deadline for it to be taken into account.


Click here to get started. 

Who is eligible?

  • The candidate must prove that they are a citizen of the United States and Canada.
  • The applicant must have at least a General Equivalency Diploma (GED), a high school diploma, or an equivalent credential. They should be able to demonstrate that they have worked in a grocery store deli for at least six months before applying for this position.
  • Additionally, they are required to submit a completed application form and a CV that includes information regarding their qualifications, previous employment experience, and interest in the community.
  • A committee will look at each application made up of Red Thread staff, people who have already received scholarships from Red Thread’s scholarship fund, and representatives from grocery store chains in the area will look at each application. The committee will then make recommendations.
  • Two-year colleges are eligible to get the award for kind of institution.
  • This category of awards is available to four-year colleges.
  • Residents of nations other than the United States and Canada can apply for the award.


Application Requirements


  • An application form is needed
  • Interview is required
  • Essay required
  • Recommendations or references are required.


When is the deadline?


Applications that don’t have all of the necessary information or are sent in after the deadline won’t be looked at.


The following is the schedule for submitting applications for the Scholarship Program for 2022-2023: The submission of applications will take place between January 8 and February 26, 2023.


The winners of the awards will be announced in May of 2023.


How much money can I receive from Red Thread Scholarship?


The Scholarship Program gives out a $1,000 cash prize and many other benefits, such as education, leadership training, mentoring, and teaching.


Tips to aid you in getting the scholarship


Don’t forget to submit your application on time. Make sure that your application is sent in before the deadline. 


The committee will not examine any applications received after the deadline has passed. Applications that are received before the deadline date will not be considered for funding.


Make sure that your application is sent in well before the cut-off date. If you don’t send in your scholarship application by the deadline, you won’t be considered for the scholarship.


If your submission were received after the deadline, it would be considered, but you would not receive money for it. 


This may also make it impossible for you to meet submission deadlines for the rest of your academic career. 


This could hurt your academic record, which could come up when you apply for scholarships in the future.


Do not send in an application that is missing information. Make sure that all of the application sections are filled out before you submit them.


Be aware that sending in a proposal without the right information won’t get it considered for funding.


Frequently Asked Questions About the Red Thread Scholarship


Q: Do I need to be a resident of the United States in order to apply?

A: There is no restriction on who can apply; the only requirement is that the applicant will be attending a college or other institution in the United States. 


If, on the other hand, you are a student from another country, the scholarship reward will not be paid out until after you have moved to the United States.


Q: Is there a GPA (grade point average) requirement?

A: They do not take your grades into account as part of the application process; however, they do demand that one of the letters of recommendation you submit come from an academic reference who can comment on your academic ability, accomplishments, and goals.


Q: My first semester at a college or university in the United States has already started. Is it too late for me to apply?

A: At this time, the Red Thread Scholarship is only offered to students who are entering a college or university program for the very first time.


Q: What can I do with the money I was awarded for the scholarship?

A: Anything that is associated with your academic pursuits, such as fees, textbooks, a laptop, as well as travel and living expenditures.


Q: Will there be a guarantee that my information will remain private?

A: Your information, including your mailing and email addresses, will not be sold or shared under any circumstances by the foundation.


Q: I’m about to start my first year of college; will I continue to receive the scholarship after that?

A: At the present time, the scholarship award does not include a permanent renewal provision. As the foundation continues to grow, this might become different.


Finally, the Red Thread Scholarship program enables individuals around us to enjoy better lives. 


There is also a long legacy of social responsibility, manifested through volunteering and charitable giving both globally and locally. 


These factors combine to make The Red Thread a perfect location for those looking to extend their horizons while also learning skills that will aid them in their daily lives.


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