The Chick Evans Scholarship: How To Qualify And Apply

Chick Evans Scholarship

There are a lot of golfers who dream of playing on the PGA Tour, but getting there can be difficult if you don’t have the support of sponsors and other organizations. The Chick Evans Scholarship was established to provide golfers with the opportunity to further their education while also encouraging a lifelong passion for the sport.


The Chick Evans Scholarship is a full tuition grant, in addition to grants for books and housing, that is given to eligible caddies who enroll in one of the schools in which we participate.


Scholarships awarded by the Chick Evans Foundation are awarded on a yearly basis for a maximum of four years and cover the full cost of attendance, including books, mandatory fees, room and board, and tuition.


In 1930, the illustrious Chicago amateur golfer Charles (Chick) Evans Jr. established the Chick Evans Scholarship program in order to assist caddies in achieving their goals of attending college and furthering their education. 


More than 1,000 caddies receive a Chick Evans Scholarship from our organization every year.


Although the requirements for this scholarship are straightforward, you must ensure that you satisfy each one in order to be eligible to submit an application.


What is the Chick Evans Scholarship? 


Chick Evans Caddie Scholarship is a full tuition and housing scholarship for high school seniors who have caddied at a WGA club for at least two years. 


Over 800 aspiring caddies graduate college each year on Evens Scholars Foundation scholarships. 


Good caddie records, outstanding qualifications, exemplary character, and financial need are required.


Charles “Chick” Evans Jr. founded the Chick Evans Caddies Scholarship. He learned to play as a caddy, won the Western Open in 1910, and became famous when he won the US Amateur and US Open in 1916.


Evans maintained his amateur status and donated his golf earnings to caddie scholarships. In 1930, the first two Evans Scholars enrolled at Northwestern. 


Since then, 11,050 Evans Scholars have graduated college. 1,010 students are enrolled. The Western Golf Association has supported the Evans Scholarship since 1899.


How to Qualify for the Chick Evans Scholarship 


If you are able to demonstrate that you satisfy all of the requirements listed below, then you are qualified to be a recipient of the program:


  • Must either be an undergraduate student enrolled in a college or university with a four-year program, or a high-school student attending the school being attended on a full-time basis and studying there. 
  • When you submit your application, you must be at least 17 years old and cannot be more than 19 years old.
  • This scholarship is only available to students who are not married. 
  • Students who are residents of the following states are eligible for this scholarship: Wisconsin, Washington, Pennsylvania, Oregon, Ohio, Missouri, Minnesota, Michigan, Kansas, Indiana, Illinois, and Colorado


In addition to fulfilling the general requirements outlined above, the sponsor expects candidates to fulfill the specific requirements outlined in this section.


  • Applicants are expected to provide proof that they are in need of financial assistance, as it is a requirement for the program.
  • Excellent academics: Candidates for enrollment in college preparatory classes are required to have graduated from their junior year of high school with a grade of B or higher. 
  • As a result of COVID-19, the ACT and SAT will no longer be required of applicants in the year 2020. 
  • Candidates are required to have remarkable character, credibility, and integrity in order to be considered.
  • Leadership Strong record as a caddie: Applicants must have caddied for at least two years in a manner that is both consistent and effective, and they are required to caddy at their presenting club during the year in which they register for the scholarship.


How to Apply for the Chick Evans Scholarship


One caddie is selected each year to receive the Chick Evans Scholarship, which provides financial support for their education in the sport of golf. 


To apply, all you need to do is fill out an application online and send it in before the deadline.


Additional necessary documents


  • Evaluations for Caddies, High Schools, 
  • Application Forms, 
  • Essays, 
  • A Needs Assessment for Financial Support are Also Included.
  • Recommendations Or References 
  • Personal Photographs
  • A Transcript 
  • Your Test Scores


Classification of Students and Citizens: 


  • Freshman, 
  • Sophomore, 
  • Junior, and 
  • Senior
  • Citizens of the United States, 
  • Permanent Residents of the United States, 
  • International 
  • Other Visa Status, 
  • Undocumented


Scholarship Amount


The award money can be used to cover both tuition and housing costs at a school that meets the requirements. 


It is up to the discretion of the foundation whether it will be renewed for another one to four years. The total amount of money that will be given out in this scholarship is $27,856.


Information on How to Get in Touch With Them


1 Briar Road, Golf, Illinois 60029 

Telephone: (847) 724-4600 

Fax: (847) 724-7133 




Application Deadline


This scholarship is open to students who are college juniors, seniors, or graduate students in good standing with a demonstrated interest in golf. Application deadline is October 30 2023


FAQs about the Chick Evans Scholarship

Q: I am a freshman in high school. Am I eligible to apply?

A: Yes! The scholarship is open to any high school student who has already committed to playing golf at an NCAA or NAIA college or university.


Q: I am a junior in high school. Am I eligible to apply?

A: Yes! If you are a junior and have not yet committed to an NCAA or NAIA college/university for golf, you are still eligible for the scholarship! All you need to do is fill out the application form and submit your transcript from your last semester of high school, then we will review your file for eligibility.


Q: What can I expect if I get accepted into the program?

A: If you get accepted into the program, all of your college tuition will be covered by the Chick Evans Scholarship Foundation! 


You also will receive up to $5,000 annual stipend that covers fees related to travel and course expenses.


In addition, their staff will help provide coaching and mentoring throughout your collegiate golf career. We want to make sure you are on the right path toward becoming a professional golfer!




The Chick Evans Scholarship is an excellent opportunity to receive financial assistance for higher education. 


It is possible that you could qualify for this scholarship if you work as a caddie. Students attending an accredited college or university are eligible for the Chick Evans Caddie Scholarship, which covers their full tuition as well as their housing costs. 


You can submit an application for this scholarship through the website’s online application form. Good luck! 


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