Hacer Scholarship For 2023: Eligibility, Application, And More

Hacer Scholarship

The McDonald Hacer Scholarship has been around for some time and has been one of the most active and fruitful, so it is the most sought-after. 


The McDonald’s HACER National Scholarship Program will award thirty exceptional Hispanic students from across the nation with scholarships.


The funds are divided into three categories to assist recipients with college tuition costs. Winners of the first tier will receive $100,000, $50,000, or $25,000.


The recipients of Tier 2 will receive either $20,000 or $10,000, and those of Tier 3 will receive $5,000. Recipients are chosen based on their academic performance, community service, and financial need.


More than $5 million in McDonald’s HACER National Scholarships have been awarded to Hispanic students across the country.


If this prestigious scholarship has attracted your interest, then you have arrived at the correct location. Keep reading!


What is the Hacer scholarship? 


HACER is an acronym that stands for Hispanic American Commitment to Education Resources. 


McDonald’s HACER National Scholarship Program is designed for Hispanic high school seniors in the United States. 


It awards 30 scholars yearly who intend to pursue an undergraduate degree at an accredited institution.


This scholarship is worth $100,000 and will help students pay for college tuition and other expenses. 


Applicants must be eligible to attend a two- or four-year college or university full-time and must disclose any other scholarship programs to which they have applied or won.


This scholarship provides an opportunity for the Hispanic community to further their education. 


What are the benefits of the Hacer scholarship?


  • This scholarship will completely cover the cost of your education for the entire duration, regardless of whether you are enrolling in a two-year or a four-year program for your undergraduate degree.
  • Its sole purpose is to financially assist students from Hispanic backgrounds and support the Hispanic community. Applicants must have at least one parent who is of Hispanic origin to be considered eligible.
  • Since it was established, the scholarship program has given out awards totaling $5,000,000 in the form of scholarships to young people all over the country in an effort to encourage them to pursue higher education and improve their futures. This is done to support the Hispanic community and its children and grandchildren.
  • You are eligible to apply provided that you are a United States resident and are enrolling or are already enrolled in an institution that has been accredited. 
  • This program is available throughout the country and is not limited to a select number of states.


How to apply for the Hacer scholarship?


You can apply by clicking on this link 

Who is eligible for the Hacer scholarship?


To determine whether or not the McDonald’s HACER National Scholarship is a good fit for you, take a look at the following requirements:


  • You’ve made it to your senior year of high school.
  • You’re a legal U.S. resident
  • Your age is less than 21 years old.
  • You have a grade point average of at least 2.8.
  • You are qualified to enroll in a degree program at a college or university that offers full-time study and lasts either two or four years.
  • You will divulge any additional scholarship opportunities to which you have applied.
  • You will enroll in and attend an institution that is accredited in the academic year that follows the year in which you make your selection (verification needed, as scholarship funds are paid directly to the schools)
  • You have Hispanic ancestry through at least one of your parents.


What are the requirements for the Hacer scholarship?


There is no need for an essay. The following additional requirements only apply to these documents:


  • Transcript 
  • Personal statement
  • Online submission of a letter of recommendation.
  • A list of community service projects 
  • FAFSA report and/or 1040s


When is the deadline to apply for the scholarship? 


The Hacer scholarship is open. The deadline for this scholarship is February 5. 2023.

The winners will be announced and notified between May and June.


How will the scholarship be awarded?


The candidates for the scholarships are chosen based on the following criteria:


  • Professional and academic achievement
  • Financial need
  • Participation in the community
  •  Individual characteristics and accomplishments as described in a one-on-one conversation, either in-person or over the phone.


The winners are chosen between the months of May and June. (By the middle of February, you should have received an email informing you of your status as a semi-finalist.)


How to succeed in the HACER National Scholarship competition sponsored by McDonald’s


  • Share a personal statement


You are not required to submit an essay to be considered for this scholarship; however, if you write a personal statement that describes who you are and the ways in which you have contributed to your community, you will have a much better chance of being awarded it.


  • It’s important to do well in school and volunteer work.


Because this scholarship recognizes both academic achievement and the need for financial assistance, applicants are required to demonstrate both their academic prowess and their commitment to serving their communities. 


Your application will stand out more if it includes evidence of charitable work or community service projects you’ve completed in your immediate area or at your school. Put in the extra effort and get more involved!


  • Consider the weight of a recommendation.


Those who are closest to you will be the most qualified to attest to your character and abilities. 

Find someone close to you who can write it for you, such as a mentor, teacher, friend, or family member, and let them know well in advance of the submission deadline so that they have plenty of time.


  • Include the FAFSA report and/or 1040s in your submission.


Because this is a scholarship that is awarded on the basis of demonstrated financial need, you will be required to submit either a FAFSA report or a 1040 form.




If you are interested in applying for the Hacer scholarship for 2023, be sure to meet all of the eligibility requirements. 


The application is only open for a limited time so don’t wait too long before completing it! The deadline for applications is February 5. 2023.



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