Chevening Scholarship: Everything You Need to Know for 2022/2023

Chevening Scholarship

If you want to study or research abroad in the UK, but can’t afford it, the Chevening Scholarship may be the answer you’ve been looking for.


This highly competitive scholarship program offers financial support to cover tuition, living expenses, and airfare to students from eligible countries all over the world.


The Chevening Scholarship, offered by the United Kingdom’s Foreign and Commonwealth Office, is one of the most prestigious international scholarships available today. 


It offers you an opportunity to study or conduct research in the United Kingdom on any subject you wish. 


If this sounds like something you’d be interested in, read on to learn everything there is to know about how to get a Chevening Scholarship.


What is the Chevening Scholarship?


The Chevening Scholarship is the world’s most prestigious international scholarship and fellowship program. It is designed to bring talented individuals from all over the world together to study, research, teach, or take part in professional internships in the UK.


It’s a fully-funded one-year master’s degree program in the UK for all qualified applicants from a Chevening member country or an eligible country.


The Chevening Scholarship will allow you to develop skills that are valued by today’s employers – leadership, intercultural understanding, and global awareness – while experiencing life in one of the most dynamic countries in the world.


What are the benefits of the scholarship?


  • You have the opportunity to go to Chevening events such as parties, workshops, and more.
  • The Chevening Scholarship is the most international scholarship in the world.
  • The Chevening Scholarship has a global alumni network.
  • The Chevening Scholarship covers everything you need to study in the UK, including tuition fees, travel costs, and accommodation.

The Chevening Scholarship lets you study at a top university in the UK.

  • The Chevening Scholarship offers an excellent community with good friends and family!
  • You can choose which subjects you want to study for a master’s degree using this scholarship.
  • Being a Chevening Scholar can be a good opportunity to develop your career, especially if you work in your home country after graduation.


Who is eligible for the scholarship?


  • The applicant must be a Chevening-eligible country or territory citizen.
  • The applicant must be able to return to his or her home country for at least two years after the award is completed.
  • The applicant must have applied for a full-time master’s degree program lasting at least 12 months.
  • In the UK, the applicant must have completed an undergraduate degree equivalent to an upper second class 2:1 honors degree.
  • The applicant applied to three different university courses and received an unconditional acceptance letter for one of them.
  • The applicant must have two years of work experience or 2800 hours of work experience.
  • Applicants with British nationality or dual British citizenship are ineligible to apply unless they are citizens of a British overseas territory and apply from Hong Kong.
  • Applicants with refugee status in a country other than China are ineligible. Only applicants for refugee status in Chevening member countries are eligible.
  • Employees, former employees, or relatives of current and former employees of Her Majesty’s Government, as well as staff members of the Association of Commonwealth Universities, are not eligible to apply.
  • Employees, former employees, or relatives of employees of a Chevening partner organization may apply, but they may not receive a Chevening partner award from the organization in which they or their relatives work.
  • Employees, former employees, or relatives of employees of a Chevening partner organization may apply, but they may not receive a Chevening partner award from the organization where they or their relatives work.
  • An applicant who is already in the UK on government funding cannot apply.
  • Applicants of British nationality or dual British citizens are ineligible to apply unless they meet certain criteria.


How to apply for the scholarship?


By choosing your nation from the drop-down menu at you can submit an application for a Chevening Scholarship. 


Your application will be examined in light of Chevening’s eligibility requirements after submission. Independent reading committees will evaluate the applications that are deemed eligible and compile a long list of candidates.


If your name is on the shortlist, you will receive an invitation to a job interview with the British embassy or high commission in the nation where you applied. 


A panel will question you during these in-person interviews in English about your professional and personal objectives, as well as how a Chevening Scholarship might help you get there. 


Your academic preferences will also be taken into account. Then the panel will give a score.


2023 Chevening Scholarship Application Process


  • The application must be written entirely in English.
  • You must provide accurate information in your application, especially your contact and e-mail addresses.
  • Four essay questions are included in the application.
  • The essay cannot be less than 100 words, and the essay cannot be less than 500 words. 
  • You only have three chances to complete the eligibility form correctly. If you fail, your application will not be submitted, and you will only be able to apply for the following year.
  • You cannot change your application once you have clicked the submit button.
  • You only have one chance per year to apply, and only one application is accepted. As a result, your first application will be considered final.
  • Two reference letters must be included with your application. Make sure your referees can be reached if necessary. The British High Commission contacts and verifies the authenticity of your referees’ reference letters.
  • Because there is no autosave button in the application, you must save it manually. Keep in mind that each online application session expires after 60 minutes.


Tips for a Successful Chevening Scholarship Application


  • Research Chevening and your university choices before you begin your application.
  • Create a good profile.
  • Write a reference in advance.
  • Be organized when you enter the data, especially your scholarships and employment details, as they cannot be changed after submission.
  • Spell-check and proofread your answers, or get someone else to do it for you.
  • Ask as many people as possible to read over your work.
  • Write a personal statement that is tailored and compelling
  • Choose your course carefully
  • Show that you have the leadership qualities that are needed — and can prove it
  • Highlight your work experience, even if it is not directly related to UK studies




The Chevening Scholarship is a great opportunity for students who are looking to get ahead in their careers. It provides them with access and opportunities that they would not have otherwise been able to reach on their own. 


For this reason, the Chevening Scholarship is worth the time and effort it takes to apply.


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