University of Simmons Kotzen Scholarship

University of Simmons Kotzen Scholarship 2023
University of Simmons Kotzen Scholarship 2023

There will be an influx of people in UK by 2023 because of the scholarships available for students one of which is University of Simmons Kotzen Scholarship.

The Kotzen Scholarships at Simmons University 2023 are fully financed awards for international students. A scholarship for undergraduate study is available. The scholarship covers all expenses, including housing & board and required fees.

University of Simmons Kotzen Scholarship 2023
University of Simmons Kotzen Scholarship 2023

This scholarship covers all expenses, including accommodation & board and required fees. For study abroad, summer internship costs, short-term courses, or research funding, an additional $3000 stipend is given each year. The scholarship replaces any prior merit scholarship and is granted for the duration of four years of full-time undergraduate study. Students that fit the following requirements frequently show interest in the Simmons Honors Program as well. To apply, go to the Honors program page.

University of Simmons Kotzen Scholarship  Programs Available.

Accounting (BSBA), Biology (BS), Nutrition and Health Promotion (BS), and African Studies (BA) (MS)

Art (BA) (BA)

Biochemistry (BS) (BS)

Artistic Direction (BA)

Biology (BS) (BS)

Biostatics (BS) (BS)

Business (Minor) (Minor)

Business Administration (BSBA)

Chemistry (BS) (BS)

Information Science (BS) and Computer Science (MS)

studies of media and film (Minor)

Chemistry Control (BS)

Communications (BA) (BA)

Computing Science (BS)

Analytics and data science (BS)
the study of East Asia (BA)
Economics (BA) (BA)

(BA) Economics/Public Policy (MPP)

Mathematics and Economics (BS)

Education: Elementary (BA/BS and MAT/MS)

English (BA) (BA)

Entrepreneurship (Minor) (Minor)

Ecological Science (BS)

Exercise Science (BS)/Health Promotion Nutrition (MS)

Science of Exercise (BS)

Physical therapy and exercise science (DPT)

Finance (BSBA) (BSBA)

French (BA) (BA)

Financial Calculus (BS)

Visual Design (Concentration)

Women’s History (Minor)
Health Care Management and Health Informatics (Minor)

History (BA) (BA)

Library and information science and information technology (BS) (MS)

Technology Information (BS)

Worldwide Relations (BA)

Journalism (Concentration) (Concentration)

Mathematics (BS) (BS)

Marketing (BSBA) (BSBA)

Digital Arts (Concentration)


Brain Research and Behavior (BS)

(BS) Nursing/Nursing (MS)

Nursing (BS) (BS)

Nursing: For RN holders with a BSN

Nutrition (BS)/Promotion of Nutrition and Health (MS)

Health and Food (BS)

Dietetics and nutrition (BS)

Organizing Research (Minor)
Theatrical Arts (Minor)
Photography (Minor) (Minor)


Physics (BS) (BS)

Materials Physics (Minor)

Public Policy (MPP) and Political Science (BA): A 3+1 Program

The study of politics (BA)

Integrity-Based Leadership (Minor)

Psychology (BA) (BA)

Nutrition and health promotion (MS) and public health (BS): 4 + 1 program

Community Health (BS or BA)

Community History (Minor)

Public Policy Research (Minor)

Marketing communications and public relations (BA)

Radio Minimal

Retail Administration (BSBA)

Social Service (BSW)

Statistical Computing (Minor)
Social Work (BSW)/Social Work (MSW): 3 + 1 Program Special Education (BA/BS and MSEd): 4 + 1 Program

Sociology (BA) (BA)

Public policy (MPP) and sociology (BA): a 3+1 program

Spanish (BA) (BA)

Statistics (Minor) (Minor)

Sustainability (Minor) (Minor)

studies of gender and women (BA)

Web Development & Design (BS)

University of Simmons Kotzen Scholarship 2023 Coverage

The Kotzen Scholarship at Simmons University offers the following benefits to the recipient:

For study abroad, short-term courses, summer internship tuition, and research funding, a $3,000 annual scholarship is given.

The scholarship covers all expenses, including housing & board and required fees.

University of Simmons Kotzen Scholarship 2023 Eligibility Criteria

For the autumn semester, submit a first-year application.
You can decide whether to submit your test results with your admission application since Simmons is a test-optional institution. For individuals choosing to submit test results, a 28 on the ACT and a 1300 on the SAT are advised.
The Duolingo English Test, TOEFL/IELTS, TOEFL Essentials, SAT/ACT scores, or other English proficiency test must be submitted by non-native English speakers.

Unweighted GPA of 3.3 or higher

You should take a college-preparatory course that includes advanced math during or before your final year of high school.

A history of enrolling in honors, AP, and International Baccalaureate (IB) classes, as offered by their high school systems

University of Simmons Kotzen Scholarship 2023 Application Processes

In addition to a resume listing activities and affiliations, the application requires brief answers and formal essays in response to the questions below. By December 1, students must email their essays and resumes in PDF or Word Doc format with the subject line “Kotzen Application.” The student’s entire name and birthdate should be on each page of the document.

Please take note that we will not convert or accept incompatible files, thus it is the student’s obligation to present a working file in the appropriate format (PDF or Word) (i.e. Google Docs, Pages, etc.)

Scholarship Application Deadline

The scholarship application deadline is December 1st, 2022


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