Full Facts About Pi Cryptocurrency

Pi is a new cryptocurrency which can be earned by mining with your mobile phone. Though is relatively new, it already has 35,000 users. With it energy-light app that consumes minimal battery power, and data you can start earning Pi daily. Download the app, install, submit your name and phone number, submit your invitational code, which is in this case secret0x90, and start earning Pi in under a minute.
At this time you earn about 1 Pi per hour, which will become less once more people start using the app. Eventually it will be about 0.2 Pi per hour. Start now, and you will be one of the first to earn Pi. Use your invitation code “secret0x90” after installing the app. You can download the mining APP here

As the technology is enhancing at a pace the trend for the digital cryptocurrency is the next natural step in the progress of money. Pi networks bring you the Pi cryptocurrency. Pi Network started on March 14, 2019. It is the first digital currency for daily people, illustrating a great step forward in the affectation of cryptocurrency worldwide. It can help to Build a cryptocurrency and a great contract connected platform that is operated by day to day people. The cryptocurrency market works on the technology known as “Blockchain.” Moreover, its vision is to create the world’s most overall peer-to-peer marketplace, powered by Pi, the world’s most commonly used cryptocurrency.

What is Blockchain?

Blockchain is a means of transmitting funds and/or logging information through a decentralised ledger without the need of a financial intermediary, such as a bank.

How can I make money from it?

With the gift of the internet comes the ability to find companies who want to give you cryptocurrency in exchange for your time. Once you receive your crypto-coins you can exchange them for either a bitcoin or a fiat currency.

Below are some of the companies that offer you a chance to earn crypto-coins without investing your own money.

PI Network

The first is the PI Network. This organisation set out to find a way that would allow ordinary people to mine Bitcoins. Their solution means you can make money by mining crypto-coins from your phone. Simply download the app, and once a day open it and automatically mine Bitcoins.

PI Network also has a members’ platform. If you sign up you could even add me to your network. My username is @01018, just message me on the platform and start earning crypto-coins today.


Steemit is a social media and blogging platform that pays users for posting content. You earn crypto-coins for posting your photos and publishing your posts.

You can then use this cryptocurrency to purchase goods or services on the platform or transfer it to various exchanges such as Bittrex and Binance, convert it to Bitcoin, or transfer it to your bank as fiat currency. You can download the app, called eSteem, on android or IOS.


Brave is a website browser that lets you earn tokens by viewing adverts. Due to the new General Data Protection Regulations, websites can only collect user data with consent. The Brave browser allows you to earn rewards by opting to see adverts. It is that simple. What it does is give publishers back their fair share of internet revenue and you get a small amount for using the browser. They claim to be faster and have a higher level of privacy than Chrome. Go and test their browser for yourself.

SMS Chain

SMS Chain is for those with unused SMS text bundles or an unlimited SMS plan. According to their website, anyone who buys a SMSCHAIN Token and installs the app can earn money automatically by selling their unused SMS messages. App users can set up the number of messages sent, as well as the type of content to deliver (for example, transactional messages from Google, Facebook, Whatsapp etc.). Watch this YouTube video for more information.

Questions have been asked to the management of this site( if the Pi Network mobile mining app legit? Well, we carefully followed the

The Pi Network has a white paper, which is available on the app, and it seems that the development of the app and network has been following the vision set out in this document. It is quite clear that this network has a long term vision and goal and that it is not just another quick scheme. At the very least this makes the intention of the developers seem legit.

At this stage, my view is much the same as many other Quorans, ie, there is really nothing to lose by joining the network at this stage, except perhaps your phone’s battery being drained by the app, it may be worth a shot to download the app to test it out.

Which is what I did. My experience ties in with what Amanda Tellyalater and Ben Wood wrote in their answers- check it out. One thing they did not mention is that your device needs to be verified in order to withdraw coins (once that becomes an option) and if you are not from the US or Canada this entails sending a text to a UK or US number, which may be subject to certain rates in your jurisdiction and also ensuring beforehand that you are able to text abroad from your jurisdiction.

I must add that, after dutifully clicking on that mining button every day for months, it is quite exciting to be a part of something new and potentially revolutionary!

My experience with the app is summarised in a pros and cons list here below.


  • The app is free.
  • It runs in the background even when it is closed.
  • I was pleasantly surprised to learn that the app really doesn’t drain your device’s battery. My phone is going on 5 years so needless to say the battery is no longer what it used to be, yet the app does not have any impact on my battery.


  • You need to “click” the app once every 24 hours, to ensure that you are human and active. Whilst a schlep the app can send you push notifications when the 24 hour period has lapsed.
  • You need a reference to start mining – feel free to use my code if you want to try out the app: MOpperman

Overall I do not think that anyone stands to lose anything from downloading the app. As the saying that I just made up goes: you could, in future, have your Pi and eat it too- if you have the app.


There are many other ways you can earn cryptocurrencies. Go out there and do your research! Remember, 10 years ago one bitcoin was worth a few dollars. As of March 2020, it’s worth almost USD 9,000. These currencies are a long term investment, but the above companies do not take time away from your day nor take money from your pocket. The perfect solution.

It’s official, we can now make money from nothing!

It is easy to earn, anyone who has a smartphone can just do it, just by downloading the Pi app (provided on Android or iPhone) and checking in once a day. The mobile app is unintrusive. It uses no battery power and lesser data, so you hardly even know it is there. This is a sharp contrast to Bitcoin, where you need specialist equipment and expertise.

Below is a sketch of how it works


How do you feel about PCHAIN today?

LinearLogarithmic08:0010:0014:0018:0021:0018. Oct04:00Jul ’18Jan ’19Jul ’19Jan ’20Jul ’20$0.00860000$0.00870000$0.00880000$0.00890000$0.00900000$0.00910000FromOct 17, 2020ToOct 18, 2020 PCHAIN Chart

PCHAIN price today is $0.00885664 with a 24-hour trading volume of $14,604. PI price is down -1.8% in the last 24 hours. It has a circulating supply of 810 Million coins and a max supply of 1.86 Billion coins. Upbit is the current most active market trading it. In order to explore addresses and transactions, you may use block explorers such as and Additional information can be found at

PCHAIN Price $0.00871686
PCHAIN ROI Beta -76.6%
Market Cap $7,090,263
Market Cap Dominance 0.00%
Trading Volume $14,381
Volume / Market Cap 0.002
24h Low / 24h High $0.00862304 / $0.00903980
7d Low / 7d High $0.00804253 / $0.00998588
Market Cap Rank #425
All-Time High $0.919666 -99.1%
Jul 17, 2018 (over 2 years)
All-Time Low $0.00002812 30885.7%
Apr 17, 2020 (6 months)
PCHAIN/Bitcoin Ratio 1 BTC = 1310910.87 PI


theta network (THETA)
Theta Network-2.5%
xdai stake (STAKE)
xDAI Stake20.2%
reserve rights token (RSR)
Reserve Rights Token12.6%
ampleforth (AMPL)
tron (TRX)
okb (OKB)
monero (XMR)
Affiliate disclosures
3.75% $618 $131
20.11% Recently
2.51% $65 $164
2.46% about 2 hours ago
0.76% $15 $7
46.86% Recently
7.69% $0 $0
6.53% Recently
6.15% $0 $0
2.36% Recently
Anomaly BTC/USD Stale


Genesis Date
Hashing Algorithm
Hashrate N/A
Block Time minutes

Three things you have not been told about Pi Crypto

  1. It’s accessible to all and easy to earn.
  2. It gives day-to-day people the chance to capture most of the economic value either by lining the pockets of banks, technology giants, and other intermediaries.
  3. The Pi Cryptocurrency value or 1 PiCoin = 0.456214 INR.


Click here to watch video on youtube


Reasons to Trust the Pi Digital Currency

The Pi Cryptocurrency network might just be owned by 3 people who could just be working from their rooms, but they are greatly smart. The Android version of the app has many more decent reviews – but do your research. Those giving it one star seem to have gone into some technical difficulties.

  • Utilizing virtually no advertising, there are now over 3.5 million people on the network! And that was as of operating to Phase 2 in March 2020. It’s just one year after launching. And also it’s really impressive from just word of mouth!
  • In case you’re not having to invest anything other than the effort to download an app and open it once a day, that seems a reasonable deal, especially when you think about what this could become.
  • In May 2020 the Pi platform started running adverts on its platform. The creators describe this as a needed step to fund the various costs.

Do you know how much is Pi Cryptocurrency worth?

Firstly you might be gradually gathering every Pi Tokens in the Pi Network app for some period now and you’re beginning to wonder what they’re worth. Well, the direct answer from Pi’s FAQ is that they’re worth exactly nothing.

You may have viewed other cryptocurrencies on exchanges which are also called Pi mainly  “Pi Network (IOU)” and “Pi chain (PI)” but these are NOT exactly from Pi Network. We know these cannot be the similar Pi because the real Pi Network isn’t present on the blockchain

What will  Pi be worth in the future?

Everyone believes that Pi will never be worth it. The use of the digital currency has put questions mainly in the in-app chat. Well, as long as Pi eventually aims manners and becomes an honest cryptocurrency, it will have a truth value. Whether the value is $0.00001 or $10,000 each is completely unknown at this overview.

Moreover, when it does launch we must expect a dump of absolutely epic proportions. Whenever we look at the Pi chat, we can see how people want to sell and get “real money”. Many Pi users are not as the users viewing in the Pi marketplace who encourage the amount of cryptocurrency. I would hazard a guess that most will cash out at the previous or first opportunity and not even query it.

With that said, I privately expect it to relatively stabilize as I believe the crypto has great potential. Both the sales in the Pi marketplace as well as hard work and commitment of the core PI team lets me hope for its future. If Pi Network manages to push this off and get to main-net after every time… If they can demonstrate they can take Pi all the way, I’m going to buy up every weak hand.

What do you think?

Written by Donatus Ibe

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