The Maasai Haile Jones Memorial Scholarship 2023; How to Apply 

The Maasai Haile Jones Memorial Scholarship is a fantastic opportunity for students who want to further their education while also making a difference in the world. 


Maasai Haile Jones, a Kenyan-born foreign student who sadly died in an automobile accident in the United States in 2012, inspired the scholarship. 


This scholarship is named after Maasai and his legacy of bravery, ambition, and commitment to making a difference in the world. The scholarship provides cash for selected individuals to pursue higher education in the United States, as well as access to a network of mentors and resources to assist them in succeeding. 


Students can use this scholarship to pursue their educational goals while also leaving a lasting legacy.


About The Maasai Haile Jones Memorial Scholarship


The Maasai Haile Jones Memorial Scholarship is only available to San Jose, California residents. African American high school seniors or college freshman must be eligible applicants. Three finalists will be chosen. 


The grand prize is $10,000. The first-place finisher will get $5,000. The second-place finisher will receive $2,500 in prize money.


Benefits of The Maasai Haile Jones Memorial Scholarship


  1. Provides support to individuals from the Maasai community who are striving to further their education.


  1. Gives recipients the chance to have access to a quality education and gain skills that will help them to be successful in life.


  1. Offers a unique opportunity to help the Maasai community to grow and develop sustainably.


  1. Enhances the potential of the Maasai youth to become leaders and role models in their communities.


  1. Supports the preservation and promotion of Maasai culture and tradition.


  1. Strengthens ties between the Maasai and other communities and promotes better understanding between all cultures.


  1. Acknowledges the hard work and dedication of the late Haile Jones and his impact on the Maasai community.



Students must meet the following requirements to be eligible:


  • Students that meet the following requirements may apply for the scholarship program:
  • US citizens may enter the Maasai Haile Jones Memorial Scholarship competition.
  • Applicants must be African American students in their last year of high school or their first year of college.
  • When applying, students must be San Jose, California residents.
  • The Sponsor and its affiliated firms’ current employees, executives, directors, and agents, as well as the members of their immediate families—defined as spouses, siblings, and children—and those sharing the same address, are not eligible to win.


How to Apply


You must write a short tale to enter this contest. These requirements apply to this scholarship competition. 


Social justice is the main focus of your narrative. Your story needs to be an original work of yours. Anywhere, including your imagination, historical or current events, or personal experience, might serve as inspiration for a story. 


Your written response must be in the English language and use proper punctuation and spelling. Once your initial Application has been submitted, no further drafts or revised pages will be accepted in its place. You should apply online and include all necessary documentation.


Supporting Documents

  • Story
  • Application form




Worth of The Maasai Haile Jones Memorial Scholarship


The grand prize is $10,000. The first-place finisher will get $5,000. The second-place finisher will receive $2,500. The total amount of money awarded for this scholarship is $17,500.


Deadline of The Maasai Haile Jones Memorial Scholarship

The deadline for this scholarship is February 28, 2023.


How to Make the Best out of The Scholarship


  1. Take advantage of the resources provided by the scholarship and utilize them to your best ability.


  1. Make sure to meet all deadlines and requirements for the scholarship.


  1. Reach out to the scholarship committee and ask questions or get advice.


  1. Set personal goals related to the scholarship and strive to reach them.


  1. Take advantage of any mentorship opportunities that may be available.


  1. Participate in activities or events that are related to the scholarship.


  1. Network with other scholars who have been awarded the Maasai Haile Jones Memorial Scholarship.


  1. Write thank you letters to the scholarship committee to express your appreciation.


  1. Keep track of any documents that are required for the scholarship.


  1. Utilize the scholarship funds to make a positive impact in the community.




The Maasai Haile Jones Memorial Scholarship is a powerful testament to the legacy of Haile Jones, a devoted and inspiring Maasai advocate. This scholarship embodies his commitment to education, justice, and equal opportunity for all. It is a lasting reminder of his legacy and a reminder that we must continue to work towards a more equitable society for all. 


The Maasai Haile Jones Memorial Scholarship is a beacon of hope for young Maasai students, providing them with the opportunity to pursue their dreams and make a difference in their communities.  


The scholarship is a reminder of what can be accomplished when we commit to making a lasting impact and strive to create a more equitable and just world.



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