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Employees Guide To Surviving a Terrible Boss

Before setting out on any employment journey, the very first prayer to be said is to get lucky at finding work at a conducive setting with excellent staff that will not turn into thorns piercing into one’s flesh. But regrettably, if perchance by destiny it happened that one finds themselves working beneath a mean, arrogant, crucial and yelling boss then work and even the zeal to go forward becomes a hard task to execute. You’d begin to feel angry, depressed, annoyed and unhappy. You may also start feeling helpless and imprisoned along with the upcoming thoughts coming to your mind would be wanting to quit and try some better place, instead.

A terrible boss can make a working atmosphere miserable. Whenever you have a boss that nags over every tiniest provocation, one who’s never satisfied with the outrageous amount of work you put in on daily basis and would see nothing good in all your intentional perspirations to get things done, you might begin to take things too personal and go against the set functioning ethics. Encountering direction by power mode is never a great experience for any employee. It requires a voluminous quantity of discipline and self control to pull with these persons at the helm of affairs.
Imagine when your Boss’ action gets you tired, frustrated, miserable and demotivated. When after each interaction with him, you start to feel cold because he’s intrusive, commanding and an unrepentant bully. He’ll never fall you a positive feedback, hardly support you personally, never recognizes your excellent performance or of any other worker, everyone around him is unhappy being beneath him. And much more sadly is that some of these Bosses are not even aware they do it wrongly. They might feel that giving too much care makes them vulnerable or that they are too busy or just don’t share in your values. Some believe they are dressing their employees to adapt to work under any given state while some exceptional others are just simply naturally annoying and arrogant. They appear in several shapes, faces and forms. There are some, who possess more than one of these ill mannered behavior. Nevertheless, the much better news is that you’re still able to breathe and endure being under such excruciating folks and conditions.

Here are a few guide to surviving a dreadful Boss while at work:

1. Ask yourself of your purpose

Sometimes, when life weights starts to weigh us down, to get ahead and stay informed about the travel, there always exists some powerful reasons fueling the push of one’s destination to success. One leading many of these is purpose. Purpose is the reason why you do most of the things you find yourself doing which if defined properly, immunes suppression and provides inability to giving up on targets.

When it has to do with an employee who finds himself working in an organization, there’s always a match stick igniting the fire of passion. For some individuals, it  could be the love to get a dream job, financial limitations, the requirement to be engaged or need to be helpful to the society at large. Additionally, there are others whose working environment functions as a stage where their voices can reach a broader audience. And there are still a few others who perform to gain experiences that will help in constructing their professional profiles and for learning new things valuable to their development and success. Goal is the Mother of purpose. It begets focus that wades away any shape or way of distraction. To detect goal, you can ask yourself some vital questions like: What do you hope to achieve as an employee in your workplace? How valid are your goals and how determined are you to make it happen despite all odds? The target is to satisfy the hunger of your heart. And such quest does not need to be pulled down from a different person’s transferred aggressions, spite and inhuman behaviors. Accommodating a poor boss should be viewed as one of the challenges confronted in a working career. Of course, a bad boss will constantly step on your toe to get you to shed your dream however, the ball would be in your court to prove to them that you can willingly walk on thorns only so that you could smell the odor of new blossomed roses of success that you planted in your backyard. You will not always be in the same place all the time cause change will one day elevate you. That, alone is a sure fact to hang on till purpose is finally achieved.

2. Rid yourself of the self pity doom

Our Emotions reflects outwardly in our character either positively or negatively and self pity is just one of those things, feelings or thoughts who does an excellent job in creating one vulnerable to committing in and becoming a product of their negative energies surrounding us.
An abusive person’s objective is to make you feeling down  and watch you loose your self esteem. He or she attempts penetrating into your thoughts and subjecting you in performing his/her bidding. You begin to self indulgent, blaming you for all the trying times you go through in your boss’s hand.

Working in an unhealthy environment and association requires one feeling super good about themselves. Do not let nasty comments, remarks or debate get to you. You cannot afford letting yourself feel useless, unwanted out rightly refused and up without do. You can’t make it seem like your boss has been right all along. Falling for this will just give your culprit the upper hand and the torments may just won’t stop. Doing this will draw you positive energy that your once bad and annoying boss may begin to rethink and take steps towards changing for the good. Get your joyful sleeves on and start to rock the planet’s runway such as a showstopper you are.

3. Get  Flexible: Bend but don’t break

Being defensive all the time is not necessarily the best way to survive a bad boss. The rule is: do not be mean to mean boss. Two captains shouldn’t sail a boat. Be humble but don’t let it be mistaken for stupidity. If it feels good to cry whenever you’re down from heart breaking utterances, it is fine to permit those tears stream and get you back on track. It’s not a series of weakness but a sacrifice you pay for needing your fantasies to come into fruition. But keep in mind that there is always a limit to bullying. Certain things are not to be dismissed. While hanging on, see the process as a sacrifice you devote so as to meet a goal. You can climb down your high horses and move all out asking your boss how he would like particular things to be done rather than going at loggerheads with him. If there are discussions you’d love to have with him regarding how he has been treating you, you can do this in a considerate and humble method. He’ll provide you listening ears once your talks sounds like songs into his hearing ear.

Don’t dish the specific manner you were served. Be the other individual who brings calmness but do not remain totally silent if shits gets thrown your way. You might always face your boss but in a peaceful and much more flexible approach to achieve the desired result you’re awaiting.

4.Mind your business

If your boss proves hard to please, then know you’re in the right minding your own business. Don’t play the intruder function in his or her affairs. Always be accessible when it is time for things relative or relating to your area or profession. Do not go about being  a busy body. Some Bosses finds it annoying having employees who are constantly all over the place. It brings about a sense of insecurity when you’re constantly showing off what you could do and trying to chip in one or two thoughts in things where under normal conditions, you need to not have a say in, making it even worse for you to curtail the excesses of a terrible boss.

Focusing in your job makes it a great easier to achieve excellence and deliver home outstanding results and doing so can help you avoid situations that shows your Boss complaining about you not being productive enough. Always find yourself in company of fellow colleague but do not engage yourself with gossips. This will eliminate your loneliness and allow you to realize that you are not the only one going tough phases with your own boss. Hanging out with one’s acquaintances and colleagues helps in deviating your mind away from present awful incidences bugging your own thoughts. It refreshes the mind earning positive vibes only.
When everyone at your workplace complains over the exact same attitude, you’d bear in mind that you’re not the sole one in the hot pot of soup and also get to learn new and effective techniques to deal with the problem individually and even as a team.

5. Stop following the crowd.

Seems to be different; when others say negative words about your Boss and just how much they’d no more put up with him, you could be the person letting them in on some powerful tactics to tolerate him. Always have your own state and make decisions by yourself. Nobody else understands where lies your heart except you. You, only understands when’s convenient to stop and if it feels right to continue. Always stand your ground and understand when’s trendy for a confrontation and when silence is gold. Be advised that what worked perfectly for A may turn a total disaster for B. It has been said that when a rat determines jumping into a river with a lizard, in the event the skin of the lizard dries in moments, the rat’s won’t dry even in a matter of hours.

6. Be your special self

just about everyone has an idea about what stands them out and I am sure by now and in your current state, you know yours. Don’t attempt to change the things that causes you to look cute and attractive just to fit in. Uniqueness is something almost everyone identifies with. It never hides itself so that even a terrible Boss who attempts feigning blindness would always grab a glimpse, betraying himself in the long term.

When you expose your hardcore worth; it gets you a dear in the center of several and your nagging and complaining boss may not be strong enough to escape being caught in it’s net. Almost everyone enjoys it when something new and valuable is been brought to the table. Effortlessly give a hand if you can and do not let intimidation block you from being you.

7. Forgive quickly

Get your mind free from the pains of the past and hurting occurrences. That is the reason you have to find a spot in your heart to forgive. This can be solely for the great of you. For you to forgive easily, remember so swiftly those little things your offender did earlier that brought sunshine into your world. Nobody ought to be written off totally. None is a bag filled with awful things, choosing carefully, you’d surely find some wonderful things that were blocked from your view by your Boss’ bad sides

In conclusion, bounce back
That is nearly same as recovery. Start all over again choosing your broken bits together. Instantly, bounce back after enduring the previous effects of being yelled at and vigorously acted upon. Yes! There is no need to sugarcoat words. Bear in mind, no one can do it for you if you don’t do it all yourself. The happiness required to lighten your life lay in your palms. Wear your smiles all over again and begin doing things that you always wished to perform at only a snap of a finger. Don’t wait till it is too late to heal. Let them understand that nothing whatsoever and however terrible it is can get   prevent one being awesomely you.

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Written by Donatus Ibe

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