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Verizon’s Young Entrepreneur Scholarship 2023; Apply Now

Verizon's Young Entrepreneur Scholarship

Verizon’s Young Entrepreneur Scholarship: Verizon is a cellular network operator based in the United States. In the past, the company was known as Verizon Wireless and functioned independently as a branch of Verizon Communications. 


Following a reorganization that took place in 2019, Verizon discontinued the use of the Verizon Wireless brand name after moving the company’s wireless goods and services into the Verizon Consumer and Verizon Business divisions. 


As of the end of the second quarter of 2021, Verizon had gained a total of 121.3 million customers, making it the most successful wireless carrier in the United States.


The city of Basking Ridge in New Jersey serves as the location of the company’s headquarters. Bell Atlantic, an American telecommunications corporation that would later become Verizon Communications, and Vodafone, a multinational telecommunications company based in the United Kingdom, collaborated in the year 2000 to establish the business as a joint venture. 


College and university students with an interest in business who are residents of Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, or Washington, District of Columbia, are eligible to apply for the Verizon’s Young Entrepreneur Scholarship. It is OK to submit an application with any major.


About Verizon’s Young Entrepreneur Scholarship


The Verizon Business and Unloc Young Entrepreneurs Challenge is an event that takes place annually and aims to identify the most brilliant young brains from all around Europe. 


This competition is looking for young individuals who have a vision, social consciousness, and the drive to succeed. There has never been a more favorable opportunity to put your ideas into action and achieve success than there is right now, as the event is currently in its fifth year.


You can apply for the Verizon/Unloc Young Entrepreneurs Challenge if you are between the ages of 16 and 25 years old, have a business idea that is new and inventive and is led by technology, or if you have already launched a business!


Benefits of The Verizon’s Young Entrepreneur Scholarship


  1. Investment in the Future: Verizon’s Young Entrepreneur Scholarship provides financial support to students who are looking to start their own business, giving them the opportunity to make their dreams a reality.


  1. Recognition and Validation: Being selected as a recipient of the Verizon’s Young Entrepreneur Scholarship not only provides financial assistance, but also recognition and validation for the student’s entrepreneurial endeavors.


  1. Access to Resources and Mentorship: In addition to financial support, recipients of the Verizon’s Young Entrepreneur Scholarship gain access to a wealth of resources and mentorships from Verizon’s network of entrepreneurs.


  1. Opportunity to Network: The scholarship provides recipients with the opportunity to connect with other like-minded entrepreneurs and build a network of contacts.


  1. Professional Development: Recipients of the scholarship have the chance to learn from seasoned entrepreneurs and hone their business skills.


  1. Access to Funding: The scholarship includes access to additional funding opportunities to help entrepreneurs get their business off the ground.


  1. Boost to Credentials: Receiving the Verizon’s Young Entrepreneur Scholarship can be a great boost to a student’s resume and help them stand out when seeking future job opportunities.




The following requirements must be met in order to be considered for the Verizon Young Entrepreneur Scholarship:


  • Official Transcript 
  • Essay 
  • Application Form




  • Individuals who will be between 16 and 25 years old on February 1, 2023
  • Those who are nationals or residents of a country that is located on the European continent


The following requirements must be satisfied by business proposals:


  • Be accepted in all of the nations that make up the European continent.
  • On February 1, 2023, you must either be a start-up business (not yet operating) or a business that has been operating for fewer than three years and has a yearly revenue of less than £100,000 in order to qualify.
  • Not to be used for the purpose of political lobbying
  • It is required that the applicant come up with an original concept that does not violate any existing copyright, patent, or intellectual property laws.
  • It is not possible to submit an application if you are related to a member of the judging panel.
  • Previous contestants who took part in the Grand Final are not eligible to enter this year’s competition.



There is one award available for $1,000.




This scholarship application must be submitted before 11:59 PM on May 31.


How to Apply

In order to be considered for the scholarship, applicants are required to provide the following materials:


-A filled out and submitted application form (see below).


-Either an essay of three hundred to four hundred words or a video response of two to three minutes in length, answering one of the questions that are provided on the application page.


-A transcript from your most recent school, whether it be high school or university (an unofficial transcript is acceptable).


The award of $1,000 must be put toward some form of educational expenditure, including the following:


-Tuition for either graduate or undergraduate studies -Book costs and any other fees related to the class


-Room and board for the academic year of 2020 at the school location The recipient’s educational institution will be the one to receive payment in the amount of the award.


In order to maintain compliance with the requirements of the IRS, applicants are required to produce any receipts.


Click here to apply


Verizon’s Young Entrepreneur Scholarship: Conclusion


The Young Entrepreneur Scholarship offered by Verizon is a fantastic chance for aspiring young entrepreneurs to obtain the much-needed financial support that will assist them in making their aspirations a reality. 


These creative thinkers now have the opportunity to put their concepts into action and build thriving companies from the ground up. 


With the help of this scholarship, Verizon is giving these folks access to the tools, resources, and support they require to turn their aspirations into a reality. 


Young people who are interested in starting their own enterprises can get essential expertise and support from organizations like these.


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