Unifast Scholarship 2022 to 2023| How can I get an application to study

Unifast Scholarship 2022 to 2023

Unifast Scholarship 2022 to 2023 , The Philippine government runs a scholarship program called UNIFAST to make it easier for Filipinos to enroll in post-secondary education. It seeks to assure compliance with Republic Act 10931 that all qualified Filipinos have access to a sufficient and equitable education. The scholarship‘s website specifies the standards that applicants must fulfill in order to be considered. Financial aid for tuition and other connected costs to school may be one of the program’s advantages.

All Filipinos who match the eligibility and requirements listed on this page are eligible to apply for the UNIFAST Scholarship from 2023 to 2024. Learn more about the program’s advantages below.

The goal of the Unified Student Financial Assistance System for Tertiary Education, often known as UniFAST, is to uphold the clause of Republic Act 10931 that guarantees all eligible Filipinos have access to a quality education.

Due to this, under the State Universities and Colleges (SUCs) and Local Universities and Colleges (LUCs) authorized by CHED, all qualified students are provided fully supported scholarships to pursue tertiary education without paying any tuition and other school expenses (LUCs). In addition, students can apply for a short-term loan if they require additional financial aid.

In other words, the main goal of the UniFAST Scholarship program is to provide financial assistance to Filipino students by offering free education and short-term loans to those who require them.

Unifast Scholarship 2022 to 2023- Requirement for Scholarship

Filipino students who want to continue post-secondary education in the Philippines can receive financial aid through the UNIFAST scholarship program. The following general requirements must be met in order to apply for the scholarship:

  1. be a citizen of the Philippines
  2. A high school diploma or its equivalent is required.
  3. 18 to 25 years of age minimum
  4. Must be in good physical and moral health and have an annual family income of no more than P300,000.
  5. cannot currently hold any other scholarships or financial aid.
  6. must be successful in the UNIFAST scholarship test and interview.
  7. After graduation, you must be prepared to serve in any part of the Philippines.
  8. Must be prepared to enroll in a program-eligible state or local university or college (SUC or LUC) or higher education institution (HEI).

It is crucial to keep in mind that particular requirements could change based on the institution or program you are applying to. For further information, it is advisable to visit the official website or get in touch with the program or institution directly.

Unifast Scholarship 2022 to 2023 -Benefits of the FHE

13 advantages of free higher education or FHE

  1. entrance costs
  2. sports fees
  3. computing costs
  4. cultural charges
  5. fee for development
  6. Admission costs
  7. Advisory fees
  8. Handbook costs
  9. Observational fees
  10. Library costs
  11. dental/medical costs
  12. enrollment fees
  13. Student ID fees

UniFAST Scholarship Eligibility and Benefits for TVET

For students enrolling in Technical-Vocational Education and Training (TVET) courses at the nation’s higher education institutions, the Philippines offers the UniFAST Scholarship program.


  1. be a citizen of the Philippines
  2. must possess a high school diploma or have passed the Alternative Learning System (ALS) Accreditation and Equivalency (A&E) Test.
  3. must be enrolled in a TVET program in a Philippine institution of higher learning
  4. must be morally upright and in good physical and mental condition.
  5. not have received any other government financial aid or scholarships


  • full tuition and other costs for the school
  • Allowance for supplies, equipment, and literature
  • monthly allowance
  • Clothing stipend
  • collective life insurance
  • Special study grants are available for disabled students.
  • allowance for graduation gowns
  • Transportation reimbursement
  • Allowance for pre-board evaluation and board exams
  • Grants to cover the costs of the National Certification (NC) II test

It’s important to keep in mind that the terms of the scholarship may vary over time, so it’s essential to verify with the appropriate authorities for the most recent details.

Unifast Scholarship 2022 to 2023- Deadline for UniFAST Scholarships is 2022 to 2023

The 31st of December 2022 is the earliest UniFAST scholarship deadline. As a result, try to submit your online applications by the deadline.

Typically, in February, the UniFast scholarship application opens. As a result, it is expected that the 2023 to 2024 application will begin in February 2023. Please bookmark this page and return later to check for updates.

How to Apply Online for a 2022 UniFAST Scholarship

  1. Visit the official CHED-UniFAST website to apply for scholarships.
  2. Create a profile
  3. Register and submit your application.
  4. Last but not least, submit your application and await a response.

Unifast Scholarship 2022 to 2023- FAQs

How do you qualify for UniFAST?

The Free Higher Education Program is available to whom?

  1. pass/meet the institution’s entry and retention requirements (no age or financial requirements);
  2. No prior undergraduate degree;
  3. not exceeding the maximum number of years in college (e.g., maximum residency rule plus one-year grace period as provided by law)

How much is UniFAST TES?

For award recipients enrolling at State Universities and Colleges (SUCs) or Local Universities and Colleges accredited by CHED, the amount is Php 40,000. (LUCs) Php 60,000 – for grant recipients enrolled in private higher education institutions’ CHED-recognized programs (HEIs)

All government-funded student financial help programs are gathered under the umbrella of the Unified Financial Assistance System (UniFAST), a federally backed initiative.

Who signed UnIFAST scholarship?

“I appreciate President Aquino for enacting UniFAST and demonstrating that improving the nation’s educational system remains his top concern.

How much can I get in UniFAST scholarship?

Grantees enrolled in SUC or LUC will get P40,000, whereas grantees enrolled in private HEIs will be eligible to a maximum benefit of P60,000 (TES 1 + TES 2) every academic year (TES 2). Board/Licensure Examination: Maximum One-Time Reimbursement of P10,000.


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