How To Apply For Master’s Scholarship at Mälardalen University of Sweden for 2021/2022

How To Apply For master’s Scholarship at Mälardalen University of Sweden

Before you apply for Master’s,  You have to find detailed, step-by-step instructions on how to complete and submit an application for master’s studies in Sweden.

How To Apply For master's Scholarship at Mälardalen University of Sweden

Create a user account

Before you apply, you must create a user account. This user account provides access to your admissions application and your personal data.

Creating your account and your username

International applicants use their email address when creating their account and this becomes their username.

  • Choose an email address that you check frequently as you’ll receive important information at this address.
  • Choose a permanent email address so that you continue to hear from us.

Do you have a Swedish Personal Identity

  • If you have a Swedish personal identity number (personnummer), you create your user account using this number as your username.
  • You will then be required to verify your identity by entering the activation code you receive shortly after creating your user account.
  • As a verified user you can view your qualifications online once they’ve been registered. You’ll need to go to to do so.

Activation code

According to the Swedish Personal Data Act (PUL), University Admissions in Sweden is not allowed to publicise your registered information (personal and application data) until your identity has been confirmed.In order to confirm your identity, we’ll send an activation code to the address in Sweden where you’re officially registered, shortly after you create your user account here at The address where you’re officially registered is called your “folkbokföringsadress”.

Find out more at the Swedish Tax Authority’s website about population registration in Sweden: Click Here

Entering your activation code

When you log in to, you’ll be presented with a box where you can enter your activation code. The activation code can only be used once. Once you’ve completed this step, you’ll gain access to data registered in your name.

Do you have a personnummer and are living abroad?

Because your address isn’t officially registered in Sweden, you can’t activate your account with an activation code. Please contact University Admissions and we can help you verify your account.

Go to the University Admissions Support Centre: click here

Do you have a Swedish personal  Identification number?

One account only

You may only create one user account. Any documentation you provide is connected to this account and remains in the admissions system.

If you choose to reapply at a future date, you must log in using your original username and password. Any previous documents you submitted will still be available in your account.

Your account is for your use only. University Admissions in Sweden reserves the right to delete additional accounts if more than one is used for any admissions round. 

Have you forgotten your password?

If you can’t remember your password, you can request a new one under ‘Log in’. If you can’t remember your username (email address), please contact University Admissions. Do not create a new account.

Find contact information at University Admissions’s Support Centre

Logging in through your university

Registered students who are currently studying at a Swedish university can log in to using their university’s student portal.

You can also use your eduID account, if you have one, to log in and use the services at this website.


You’ll find where you can use your eduID when you click on ‘Log in’. You can also create an account there if you don’t already have one.

Find out more about eduID

Protected personal data

If you have a need for your personal data to be protected – for example your address and other contact information in Sweden – you can request this.

Find out more about protected personal data

An application to higher education studies is considered a public record. This means all information in your application must be provided if someone requests it.

Requesting protected personal data

If you believe you’re living with a threat to your life such that you can’t allow your personal and contact information to be public at the Swedish Council for Higher Education (the agency responsible for University Admissions), you must request personal data protection from us. This request should include an explanation for your request, including any documentation you have to support your argument.

If your request for protected personal data is granted, you cannot allow another person to represent you without power of attorney.

You shouldn’t begin the admissions process until you’ve received a decision.

You have two types of protection to choose from: full and address.

Full privacy protection

Getting the Full privacy protection means that all data in your admissions application is protected.

  • If you have full privacy protection, you’ll be directed to follow a paper process for admission. You won’t be able to use or
  • You submit your application using the protected personal data form. Send your completed form to the Swedish Council for Higher Education (UHR) at the following address:
    Box 4030
    171 04 Solna

Application on How To Apply For master’s Scholarship at Mälardalen University of Sweden

Important Notice: Do not send your application to University Admissions or Antagningsservice.

After you submit your application:

  • it will be saved in a secure place
  • your personal information and contact data will not be used in the admissions gadget
  • you’ll get hold of information concerning your application and admissions results via regular mail
  • UHR will mark your application as protected within the admissions system.
  • Protected address only

This type of protection covers only your address. One thing to consider is that where you’re studying can indicate where you’re located, even if your address is protected in the admissions system. If this is not enough protection for your needs, you should instead choose full privacy protection.

If you only need to protect your address, you can use and for application to university studies.

With a protected address, you can’t receive an activation code to confirm your identity for your account. Instead, send an email to in order to confirm your identity at or so that you can apply for university studies.

You choose yourself what contact information you wish to disclose

If you only protect your address, all other application information is public and can be provided to anyone who requests it. You can always choose later to increase your level of protection and switch to full privacy protection.

Things to consider when creating your account

  • If you don’t wish to disclose your actual address, you can add a temporary address on ‘My pages’ here at This address can be the Swedish Tax Authority’s communications service, a box address, or another address that you can use that isn’t your own. Remember that this address is linked to your personal data in the admissions system, so think carefully about what address you wish to use.
  • If you don’t wish to provide your actual telephone number when you create an account, write “00000”.
  • Consider selecting an email address that can’t be linked to you.
  • You shouldn’t upload or submit documents where your home address or other sensitive information is included.

How we manage your personal data

UHR and Sweden’s universities manage the admissions process together in a common data system. With “full privacy protection”, your actual personal data and contact information that you provide in your application are only available to a few admissions officers.

Many Swedish upper secondary and university grades, and even results from the Swedish Scholastic Aptitude Test, are downloaded from different databases to these electronic applications during the admissions process. These downloads can be blocked by privacy blocks. If you use a Swedish personal identity number (personnummer) that the system doesn’t recognise, your data won’t be downloaded either. If you notice you’re missing previous studies in your application, send attested copies of your documents to UHR by regular mail.

Universities are independent authorities and decide themselves what personal data to protect. They rarely make an assessment that differs from UHR, but they have the formal right to disclose the data UHR has protected in the admissions system.

If you’re admitted

There are a number of practical details you need to discuss with your personal data officer at the university where you’re admitted, for example having your personal data protected in the study administration system (Ladok). Be sure to contact them for assistance.

As New Identity

If you’ve received a new Swedish personal identity number from the Swedish Tax Authority (Skatteverket) and are living with a new identity without protected personal data, you can use and for your application. However, you must be able to show that your old grade transcripts with your former identity number are actually yours. Contact a protected personal data officer at the Swedish Council for Higher Education (UHR) to find out how to do this.

No personal protection in the Swedish population register

You can still be assessed for personal data protection in the admissions system even if:

  • you aren’t registered in the Swedish population register
  • your need for protection is still under investigation
  • in other circumstances.

Changing your data protection

You can always choose later to decrease your level of protection. If you no longer need any type of personal data protection, you must contact UHR. Please note that the Swedish Tax Authority will not inform UHR if you no longer have a protected address.

Changes in your data protection will not change your admissions application. If you submit your application before the deadline, it won’t for example be considered a late application if you later receive personal data protection. You won’t need to complete a new application if you change your data protection.

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