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Nursing Scholarships

If you decide to become a nurse as a profession, you will be entering a relevant sector that is in high demand in the United States. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), there is a consistent forecast for job growth and possibilities for promotion for those who have the appropriate education. To become a licensed nurse, however, you may need to complete a number of years of expensive schooling, and determining how you will pay for that schooling can be a difficult and time-consuming endeavor. Nursing Scholarships is recommended for you.

Although there are prerequisites for obtaining any scholarship, you shouldn’t undervalue your chances of being chosen. All types of nursing students are eligible for scholarships, many of which are tailored for candidates with particular specialties, cultural identities, military history, and other demographic traits.

Scholarships can be a useful tool for helping you pay for the education you need to achieve, whether you’re a high school senior making plans for freshman year or a working professional looking for a new direction in your career.

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$2,500 DAR Caroline E. Holt Nursing Scholarships

Students who have been accepted into or are currently enrolled in a recognized nursing school and are in need of financial assistance are eligible to apply for this nursing scholarship. In addition to demonstrating that they are in need of financial assistance, candidates are also needed to show either a current transcript or a letter of acceptance into a nursing program.

The 15th of February serves as the annual deadline for applications to this scholarship. It awards one-time scholarships in the amount of $2,500 each to three different students each academic year.

Applicants are required to fill out the application that may be found on DAR Caroline E. Nursing Scholarship the website. The application must be accompanied by a paper detailing any financial needs.

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$1,000 to $6,000 National Black Nurses Association (NBNA)

Students who are members of the National Black Nurses Association (NBNA) or a local chapter of the NBNA, are currently enrolled in an undergraduate nursing program, and have at least one full year of study left to complete are eligible for annual scholarships from the National Black Nurses Association (NBNA). The awards vary from one thousand to six thousand dollars. Read more

Application Conditions:

  • Must belong to both a local chapter and the NBNA (if one exists in your area). You can join NBNA as a Direct Member if there isn’t a chapter within a 50-radius of where you are.
  • Candidate must be currently enrolled in a nursing program (BSN, AD,
  • Masters, Doctoral, or LPN/LVN degree) must be in excellent academic standing at the time of application.
  • Applicant must have at least one full year of school remaining.

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NURSE Corps Nursing Scholarships Program

Students who have been accepted into or are currently enrolled in a diploma, associate, baccalaureate, or graduate nursing program are eligible to apply for funding through the Nurse Corps Scholarship Program. This funding can be used to cover tuition, fees, and other educational costs in exchange for working at an eligible NURSE Corps site after graduation.

Applicants have to be citizens of the United States, either by birth or via naturalization, nationals of the United States, or lawful permanent residents. Read more


You meet the criteria if you:

  • Are a national, a citizen (naturalized or born), or a lawful permanent resident of the United States
  • Are you enrolled or accepted into a nursing program at a
  • American nursing school accredited
  • No later than September 30th, start classes
  • Have no liens based on federal judgments
  • Don’t currently have a service obligation
  • Not behind on any federal debts

List of nursing scholarships for you.

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