Expo 2021 NECO Biology OBJ/Theory Questions and Answers

Questions and Answers for NECO Biology OBJ & Theory 2021: Expo 2021 Biology NECO Questions. In this post, I will provide you with free NECO Biology objective and theory questions and answers. You’ll also learn how NECO Biology questions are constructed and how to respond to them.

Expo 2021 NECO Biology Questions and Answers Obj/Theory is Out 
NECO Biology Questions

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Expo 2021 NECO Biology Questions and Answers Obj/Theory is Out 

To begin, here are some examples of NECO 2021 Biology questions and answers. Please keep in mind that these are simply example questions to give you an idea of the types of questions you can expect.

Take note of them, recheck your proper answers, and memorize them in case you see them in the exam. We reserve the right to publish the correct answers for 2021 at any moment. As a result, keep an eye on this page.

Questions and Answers in Biology from NECO OBJ and Essay (Expo)

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Biology Obj Answers…

  • 1-10: ECDADACEAD
  • 11-20: CAACCDDEDC
  • 21-30: CCCAAEEDED
  • 31-40: BBCEDACEEA
  • 41-50: DDDCDCADAE
  • 51-60: DCCEAADADB

NECO Biology Essay Answers for Today, 2020

No (1a)

Ensure that your drawing is accurate (8-10cm)


(i) Predation refers to a relationship between two organisms in which one feeds on the other. The predator is the one who feeds on the prey, while the prey is the one who feeds on the predator.


  • (ii) Mutualis; a mutualis relationship is one in which both organisms profit from the partnership.


  • (i) Epigeal germination
  • (ii) Hypogea germination


  • (i) Amoeba
  • (ii) Paramecium
  • (iii) Euglena


  • (i) Salting
  • (ii) Smoking
  • (iii) Freezing

No (2a)


  • (i) Extreme fever
  • (ii) coughing
  • (iii) sneezing
  • (iv) body aches and pains



  • (i) Hand washing on a regular basis
  • (ii) the preservation of social distance
  • (iii) the use of alcohol-based hand sanitizer
  • (iv) avoidance of handshakes


  • (i) They have two seed leaves, often known as cotyledons.
  • (ii) the floral parts are arranged in groups of four or five.
  • (iii) There are concentric circles of vascular bundles.
  • (iv) the radicle develops into a root


Are there cells in the tissue that have lost their ability to divide?

  • (i) Meristematic tissue is a type of meristematic tissue that
  • (ii) Tissue that lasts a lifetime
  • (iii) Permanent and Mesristmatic Tissue
  • (iv) None of these are true.


  • (i) Possession of the leaves that assists in floatation
  • (ii) their stomata are on the plant’s surface, allowing for easy gas exchange.
  • (iii) Having a limited or non-existent root system.

No (3ai)

  • Any organism capable of producing disease is referred to as a pathogen.


  • Haemolysis is described as the breakdown of red blood cells or corpuscles as a result of excessive water entry.


  • Deforestation is described as the indiscriminate removal of forest trees from their natural habitat.


  • (i) Quadrat
  • (ii) Sweep net
  • iii) Position (for transact method)
  • (iv)Thermometer


  • Sound waves in the air are collected by the pinna and sent through the external auditory canal. The waves cause the tympanic membrane to vibrate, which is then amplified by the ear Ossicles. The sensory nerve cells vibrate and stimulate the auditory nerve cells, which then transmit the impulses to the brain for interpretation. The round oval window vibrates and passes the waves into the cavity of the inner ear, or cochlea, where the perilymph and endolymph vibrate and stimulate the auditory nerve cells.


  • The bloom in the bud is protected by the calyx.


  • Pollinators are attracted to the corolla.

Question (4)

_____ is the study of ?

  • (i) seed and oil
  • (ii) Crop
  • (iii) Grass
  • (iv) Fruits

The grassrass is the correct answer.

(5) Question 

In a man, how many pairs of peripheral nerves are there?

  • (i) 41
  • (ii) 42
  • (iii) 43
  • (iv) 44

43 is the correct answer.

Question (6)

What is the total salt content of the blood?

  • (i) Between 85 and 1.9 percent
  • (ii) 85 percent to 11.9 percent
  • (iii) Between 85 and 2.9 percent
  • (iv) Between 0.85 and 0.9 percent

(iv) 0.85 to 0.9 percent is the correct answer.

(7) Question 

Which of these hormones causes a heartbeat to speed up?

  • (i) adrenaline
  • (ii) acetylcholine
  • (iii) thyroxine
  • (iv) pituitrin

(i) adrenaline is the correct answer.

Question (No8)

What is another name for the human heart?

  • (i) The heart is neurogenic.
  • (ii) The heart is myogenic.
  • (iii) Heart pounding
  • (iv) The heart of the ampullary

(ii) Myogenic heart is the correct answer.

Question (No 9)

Who is the Zoology?

  • (i) Darwin
  • (ii) Aristotle
  • (iii) Lamar
  • (iv) Theophrastus

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