National FFA Scholarship 2023 – How to Apply and What You Need to Know

National FFA Scholarship

Are you about to graduate high school and wondering what’s next? You may have heard about the National FFA Scholarship, which awards $750,000 in scholarships every year to eligible students pursuing careers in agriculture. 


Whether you want to be a teacher, rancher, veterinarian, or grower, this scholarship can help you get started in your career of choice.


About The National FFA Scholarship


The National FFA Foundation provides a range of FFA scholarships for college each year to assist in their college expenses. 


Future Farmers of America is identified by the initials “FFA.” The scholarships they provide range from $500 to four years’ worth of tuition in full.


There are a variety of FFA scholarship possibilities available. More than 120 distinct awards are available to students through the FFA. 


Applying is something you should think about doing if you intend to attend college after high school. Regardless of your ambitions for further education and your desired professional path.


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About The National FFA Scholarship Sponsor{ National FFA Foundation}


This foundation has alliances with individuals, businesses, and industry, and organizations to secure resources for agricultural education and FFA in the future.


The foundation, a separately registered nonprofit, has a long history of being supported by dedicated volunteer leaders on the National FFA Board of Trustees, Sponsors’ Board, and Individual Giving Council.


The National FFA Organization offers scholarships that are tailored to the diversity of our applicants. 


Businesses and individuals sponsor scholarships through the National FFA Foundation, which are awarded to students with a wide range of higher education plans and career goals. 


What are the Benefits of the Scholarship?


  • It is financial assistance, not a loan. A grant or scholarship may have conditions attached to it. However, because it is not a loan, you are not required to repay the funds.
  • Many majors have scholarship programs. The funds are used to study a variety of topics by the recipients, such as: agribusiness systems, animal systems, power structural, and environmental systems. Power, structural and technical systems, plant systems, and biotechnology systems.
  • As a recipient, you may use the funds toward a two- or four-year degree program or technical training (certificate).
  • It is simple to apply for an FFA scholarship. You only need to fill out one form, and the process will consider you for scholarships automatically. Furthermore, the FFA switched to a user-friendly and password-protected online platform last year.
  • More than $2.7 million in scholarship funds are available. 
  • The award money comes from a variety of sources. Donations and endowments from corporations, nonprofits, and individuals AGCO, Ford, John Deere, and RAM Trucks are just a few of the many companies that have contributed to the FFA Scholarship Program.
  • Each year, more scholarships become available. 
  • Generally, the committee examines an applicant from all angles. They may consider you for FFA scholarships if you meet the following requirements: A 2.5 GPA (the average GPA is 3.82), FFA involvement, work experience, and Supervised Agricultural Experience are required (SAE).


Eligible Nationality


The National FFA Foundation is hosting these scholarships, which will be taken in the United States of America.


Only US citizens and permanent residents are eligible to apply for these FFA scholarships. The scholarship is available to students who are US citizens.


Eligibility Requrements


Each scholarship funder establishes its own criteria for the scholarships they provide, and you will be awarded a scholarship based on criteria such as your intended major or the university you intend to attend.


The basic requirement for all scholarships is as follows:


  • Unless otherwise specified, all applicants must be current FFA members.
  • To be eligible for scholarships, you must be a U.S. national or permanent resident. 
  • You must also have a Social Security number.
  • Plan to attend a post-secondary college in the United States.
  • Be a senior in high school or a member of the faculty.
  • Be a consistent student.
  • Attending categories actively
  • If listed in a very post-secondary institution, a minimum of twelve credit hours are required.


Level/Subject of Study


FFA scholarships are available for students in high school or college who are studying agriculture or a related field.

How to Apply for the National FFA Scholarship

To apply for the scholarships, candidates must first create an account or log in by clicking on the link.


Also., candidates can review the list of available scholarships by following this link


When is the Deadline?

The deadline for the National FFA Scholarship is 12/1/2023

Supplement Deadline 19/1/2023


How Much is the National FFA Scholarship Worth?

Over 2,000 scholarships have been made available to registered students. The scholarship amount varies.




Q: Why Should You Apply for FFA Scholarships?

A: It is financial assistance, not a loan. Many majors have scholarship programs. You can use the funds to further your education. More than $2.7 million in scholarship funds are available through the FFA foundation.


Q: What are FFA Scholarships?

A: The National FFA Foundation offers a variety of FFA scholarships for college each year to help offset college costs. They offer awards ranging from $500 to full tuition for four years. The FFA has over 120 different awards to help students.


Q: Who can apply for the scholarship?

A: Students who are seniors in high school or are currently enrolled in college may apply for the scholarship. Applicants must also be involved in an agriculture education program.


Q: Is there a cost associated with applying? 

A: No, there is no fee associated with applying.


Q: When should I submit my application?

A: Applications will be accepted from November 1st 2022 until January 12, 2023. Winners will be announced on April 27 2023, and notified by mail shortly after.




I hope this blog post has given you a good idea of what the National FFA Scholarship is all about. 


I encourage you to apply if you think it’s right for you. The application process can be time consuming, but in order to have a chance at winning, it’s important that you get started as soon as possible. 


There is no cost associated with applying for the scholarship so don’t worry about that. 


If you have any other questions, please feel free to drop a comment in our comment section.

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Written by Precious Presh

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