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Harriet Evelyn Wallace Scholarship 2023; Everything You Need to Know

Harriet Evelyn Wallace Scholarship

Are you searching for a way that will allow you to further your education while simultaneously having an effect on the wider world? If this sounds like something that interests you, you should apply for the Harriet Evelyn Wallace Scholarship. 


Students who originate from families with low incomes and are seeking higher education in the United States are eligible for the Harriet Evelyn Wallace Scholarship, which is a scholarship awarded on the basis of excellence and provides financial help. 


Harriet Evelyn Wallace was an African American educator and civil rights advocate who devoted her life to increasing the number of educational opportunities available to economically disadvantaged students. The goal of this scholarship is to honor her legacy and show how much she cared about this cause. 


By applying for the Harriet Evelyn Wallace Scholarship, you not only have the chance to get the money you need to continue your education, but you can also carry on Harriet Evelyn Wallace’s legacy of giving people who are less fortunate the chance to go to school.


About the Scholarship


The Harriet Evelyn Wallace Scholarship is open to any woman who is enrolled in a Master’s or Doctoral degree program in geosciences at an institution of higher education in the United States that has been recognized for its geosciences curriculum and is accredited. 


Because of the nature of the job, all applicants must be either U.S. citizens or permanent residents to be considered. 


Additionally, successful candidates will be full-time students working on their theses. If they are chosen, candidates for the new Harriet Evelyn Wallace Scholar will have to prove that they are U.S. citizens or legal residents. 


Also, people who want to join must be members of at least one of the AGI Member Societies.


Benefits of the Harriet Evelyn Wallace Scholarship


  1. Provides financial assistance to female college students for tuition and other educational expenses.


  1. Provides mentorship from industry professionals.


  1. Gives you access to resources and networks that will help you succeed in your career.


  1. Helps reduce the financial burden


  1. Provides a one-of-a-kind opportunity to gain experience and knowledge in the field of study.


  1. Allows students to practice leadership and problem-solving skills.


  1. Allows students to build their professional network and gain valuable work experience.




The following requirements must be met in order to be considered for the Harriet Evelyn Wallace Scholarship:


  • Recommendation letter
  • Application form
  • Personal statement
  • Official Transcript
  • 500-word limit abstract
  • Curriculum Vitae (not resume)
  • Society Name and Membership ID Number


Eligibility for the Harriet Evelyn Wallace Scholarship


Students are required to demonstrate that they meet all of the following criteria in order to be eligible:

  • A citizen of the United States is required.


  • Required to be enrolled full-time in a graduate-level degree-granting program at the time of application.
  • Students must be pursuing a degree in geoscience, which may include one of the following subfields: geology; geophysics; geochemistry; hydrology; physical oceanography; planetary geology; or earth-science teaching.
  • Must be female.
  • It is required that you have a grade point average of at least 3.0.


How to Apply


All materials must be sent through email as a single PDF file.


Make use of the application’s word file.


Complete all sections of the formal scholarship application, including:


  • Name, program/department, projected graduation date, and contact details are required.
  • List the AGI member societies to which you belong, along with your membership identification number for each.
  • A rigorous 500-word limit abstract on your graduate school research interests, why you can complete that research, and what influence it will have on the geoscience community.
  • A personal statement of no more than 500 words on your non-academic interests. What roles do your interests, hobbies, job, or other activities play in your life? Why are they significant to you? How do these extra elements help you stand out as a candidate for the Wallace Scholarship?
  • Curriculum Vitae (not a resume), containing brief details of any geoscience, technological, academic, professional development, or extracurricular activities relevant to the position. Please do not provide course or coursework descriptions.
  • Undergraduate Academic Transcript (Unofficial) (s).
  • Graduate Academic Transcripts (Unofficial) and/or Graduate Acceptance Letters
  • LastnameFirstName-Wallace.pdf is the name of the merged PDF.


EMail the full packet as an attachment to: , with the subject line: “LastName, FirstName – Wallace”.


Applications that are incomplete will not be evaluated.


Worth of the Harriet Evelyn Wallace Scholarship


The amount of the award is $5,000 per year, and it is not renewable. Previous awardees are strongly encouraged to submit new applications, although it should be noted that renewal is not guaranteed.




This scholarship application must be submitted no later than Monday, February 6, 2023.


How to Ace The Harriet Evelyn Wallace Scholarship


  1. Demonstrate financial need: Make sure to demonstrate financial need in your application. This could include providing tax documents, proof of income, or other documents to show that you are in need of financial assistance.


  1. Write a compelling essay: A well-written essay can make or break your application. Make sure to put your best foot forward and explain why you are a good candidate for the scholarship.


  1. Get letters of recommendation: Ask trusted adults in your life to write letters of recommendation on your behalf. These letters should highlight your academic and personal accomplishments, as well as any extracurricular activities you may be involved in.


  1. Follow the instructions: Make sure to read and follow all instructions carefully when submitting your application. This includes formatting requirements and other requirements outlined by the scholarship organization.


  1. Submit your application early: Submit your application as early as possible to increase your chances of being selected. 


  1. Stay organized: Keep all of your documents and materials organized so that you can easily access them if needed.


  1. Follow up: Follow up with the organization after you submit your application to ensure that it has been received.




The Harriet Evelyn Wallace Scholarship was created thanks to a bequest made to AGI by Harriet Evelyn Wallace, a founder member of the Geoscience Information Society (GSIS). 


This scholarship is intended to help female graduate students studying geosciences in the United States. Each year, a new scholar is appointed, and each scholar is eligible for up to two years of funding.


The scholarship allows students to pursue their aspirations while also making the most of their academic experience. 


The award is available to all students who match the criteria and is an excellent opportunity for those in need of financial support. Students can make their college experience more accessible and enjoyable with the help of this scholarship.



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