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Ghana Scholarship Secretariat

Ghana Scholarship Secretariat, Local and international scholarships are the two main categories into which the Ghana Award Secretariat can roughly subdivide its scholarship offerings. International scholarships are for students who are pursuing higher education outside of Ghana, while local scholarships are for those who are doing so.

Students must fulfill specific academic and financial requirements in order to qualify for a scholarship from the Ghana Scholarship Secretariat. Good academic standing, passing an entrance exam, and proving financial necessity are all requirements. The scholarship is typically restricted to particular academic levels and subjects of study, as specified by the standards.

Visit the Ghana Scholarship Secretariat’s website if you’re a student interested in learning more about the application procedure, including what documents are required and when to submit your application.

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Ghana Scholarship Secretariat

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How to submit an application for a ghana scholarship

Depending on the individual scholarship you are interested in, the application process for grants from the Ghana Scholarship Secretariat may vary, but in general, it entails the following steps:

  1. Verify your eligibility: It’s critical to confirm that you satisfy the requirements for the scholarship before submitting an application. This covers the academic and financial prerequisites, as well as the particular subject areas or educational levels that the scholarship is intended to support.
  2. Obtain the necessary paperwork: Depending on the scholarship, you may be needed to provide specific paperwork with your application. Transcripts, test results, documentation of financial necessity, and other supporting documents are examples of these. For a list of necessary documents, make sure to review the scholarship requirements.
  3. Application submission: You can submit your application once you have gathered all of the necessary paperwork. Typically, you may complete this online via the Ghana Scholarship Secretariat website. Make sure to properly read the instructions and submit all necessary materials prior to the deadline.
  4. Entrance exam: You might need to take an entrance exam after completing your application to see if you qualify for the scholarship. If any form of examination is necessary, the rules will specify what kind and when.
  5. Interview: You might be expected to participate in an interview process where questions about your reasons for applying for the scholarship, your study schedule, and your future job goals will be posed.
  6. Be patient while you wait for the findings after the application process is complete. The most eligible applicants will be chosen by the selection committee once it has reviewed all the applications. If you are chosen for the scholarship, the Ghana Scholarship Secretariat will let you know.

Both Ghanaian students and overseas students have a variety of alternatives.

Through the Ghana Education Service, the Ghana Scholarship Secretariat, and several other institutions and foundations in Ghana, students from that country can apply for scholarships. Typically, these scholarships are given out in accordance with academic ability and financial need.

Scholarships for education in Ghana are also available to students from outside of the country. One alternative is to apply for one of the scholarships provided by the Ghana Scholarship Secretariat or by one of the numerous Ghanaian universities. Furthermore, some nations have agreements with Ghana that offer their nationals scholarships to study in Ghana.

Check to see whether there are any Ghanaian or foreign NGOs, Foundations, or private organizations that offer student scholarships.

You can also research additional funding options like private grants, scholarships, and student loans. For additional information on scholarships and financial alternatives, it is a good idea to contact the university you intend to attend or the Ghanaian Embassy in your nation.

It’s crucial to keep in mind that the specifications and prerequisites for these scholarships can differ, so it’s advisable to do your homework and thoroughly review the rules for each award before applying.

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Frequently asked question(FQAs)

how to submit a scholarship application in Ghana?

Depending on the scholarship and the institution granting it, the application procedure for scholarships in Ghana may differ. The following actions, however, should normally be anticipated when applying for scholarships in Ghana:

  1. Conduct research to find scholarships that are available and for which you qualify. To be sure you meet the requirements before applying, see the rules and specifications for each scholarship.
  2. Obtain the Required Documents: In order to be considered for most scholarships, you must provide the required paperwork with your application. A resume, academic transcripts, test results, references, a personal essay or statement, and documentation of financial need are a few examples.
  3. the application form in its entirety: Your basic personal details, academic background, and any relevant work or volunteer experience will normally be requested on the application form. You might also be required to submit a personal statement or essay.
  4. Send the Application: The organization or agency awarding the scholarship will need the application and necessary supporting documentation. Make sure to send in your application well in advance of the due date.
  5. Selection and Notification: After reviewing the applications, the scholarship awarding organization will make a choice. Usually, recipients of scholarships will get an email or letter informing them of their selection. Prior to final selection, some scholarships may require interviews.
  6. If a scholarship is offered, accept it: If a scholarship is given, you must accept it and satisfy any further paperwork or conditions before getting any money.

Recognize that each scholarship may have a unique application procedure, so it’s critical to thoroughly study the requirements and adhere to the scholarship provider’s instructions.

To stay informed about current scholarship opportunities, it is also a good idea to frequently check the websites of the Ghanaian government, universities, and organizations.

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What is covered by the Ghana Secretariat scholarship?

Scholarships for Ghanaian students are administered by the Ghana Scholarship Secretariat, a unit of the Ghanaian Ministry of Education. The Secretariat provides short-term training courses, undergraduate and graduate scholarships, and fellowships. Scholarships are often given out in accordance with academic ability and financial need.

The Ghana Scholarship Secretariat pays for a variety of study-related costs, including:

  • Education costs
  • Research expenses
  • living costs, including lodging and meals
  • travel costs, such as airfare
  • Unexpected costs for books and other things

Please note that based on the degree of study and other circumstances like the subject of study, the scholarship coverage may vary. For more information on the precise scope of the scholarship you are applying for, it is therefore preferable to contact the Ghana Scholarship Secretariat.

The coverage of the scholarship you receive may vary depending on your academic record and financial condition as scholarships are frequently merit-based and based on financial need.

Also take note that the scholarships are only available to students who have been admitted to study at any reputable university or institution within Ghana and who will be continuing their education there.

What is covered by the Ghana Secretariat scholarship?

Which scholarships are currently offered in Ghana?

Apply for the University of Ghana’s UG-Tullow Tertiary Scholarship Program. Students interested in applying to the University of Ghana’s undergraduate and graduate degree programs are eligible for the scholarship. The University of Ghana, founded in 1948, offers more technologically based…

What GPA is required to be eligible for a scholarship?

3.0 on average
A 3.0 GPA is one of the most popular grade point average standards. (Again, since every scholarship source is unique, it is up to them to determine what qualifies as an applicant.) While some scholarships are awarded solely on the basis of a student’s GPA, this is not the case for the majority of them.

Which scholarships are currently offered in Ghana?

Apply for the University of Ghana’s UG-Tullow Tertiary Scholarship Program. Students interested in applying to the University of Ghana’s undergraduate and graduate degree programs are eligible for the scholarship. The University of Ghana, which was founded in 1948, offers more technological

What can I do to improve my chances of being awarded a scholarship?

Gain More Scholarships by Improving Your GPA. Many scholarships contain specifications regarding GPA ranges.

  • Improve Your SAT/ACT Score
  • Improve Your Class Rank
  • Fill out the FAFSA
  • Become involved in community service
  • Refine Your Essay Writing Techniques


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