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In Switzerland, there many scholarships available and one of which is Excellence EPFL Scholarships 2023. One of the most well-known universities in Switzerland is EPFL. It provides a full scholarship to those who wish to pursue a master’s degree. Any nationality may participate. The fellowship included housing and money for tuition. The following course will begin in September 2023.

The EPFL offers a small number of excellence fellowships, along with guaranteed housing, to candidates who have achieved exceptional academic results and who stand out in extracurricular activities, whether they are athletic, artistic, civic, or entrepreneurial, in order to recognize the most outstanding students who are beginning their Master’s studies.

Both students who completed their undergraduate degrees at EPFL as well as those who started their university studies at another institution are eligible for these fellowships, worth CHF 10,000 per semester. Their goal is to give students the freedom to focus on their master’s degree programs while also giving them the chance to partake in a variety of activities that will likely enhance their professional backgrounds and help them develop cross-disciplinary abilities. The School also intends to broaden their horizons by letting them pick their internships and first jobs in accordance with their interests in science and career goals thanks to this financial help.

Excellence EPFL Scholarships 2023 Eligibility

Students who are interested in this fellowship must check the appropriate box on their Master’s application form and submit the required application file.

While the applicants’ academic credentials are important, EPFL also considers their experiences in a variety of fields, including research (publications, awards, or fellowships), entrepreneurship (patent filings, start-up development), or societal involvement (associative or civic activities, organization of festivals and events). As a result, all exceptional accomplishments that enhance the student profile will be considered.

Students must have completed at least 50 ECTS credits and have an overall average of 5,0/6 in order for the fellowship to be renewed for the second year of the Master’s program.

Anyone who wants to apply to a master’s program at EPFL is qualified. Based on their academic achievements, EPFL awards a small number of fellowships to the most meritorious applicants.
It is not possible to combine this fellowship with other sizeable scholarships. Potential candidates must

Declare every scholarship they were awarded while pursuing a master’s

Candidates are not qualified for an excellence fellowship if the master at EPFL is a second master’s degree.

Excellence EPFL Scholarships 2023 Value

A certificate of excellence (at the conclusion of the master’s program) A reservation of a student room in a residence hall (for “external” students only) CHF 10,000 each semester

Fellowship recipients are expected to pay for all expenses on their own (tuition fees, rents, etc.).

The fellowship will be paid for a maximum of 4 semesters (3 semesters for a master’s degree with 90 credits).

given that recipients of fellowships:

– have not completed a master’s project or paid internship during the master’s program

– are enrolled in normal EPFL classes

If a student decides to pursue a minor or for any other reason, there is no way to get an extension.

might make studies last longer.

Excellence EPFL Scholarships 2023 Application Processes

For external applicants (Bachelor degree from an university abroad)
By April 15 or December 15, they should submit the same online application they used to apply to a master’s degree (there is a box to check stating that the candidate’s profile should also be taken into consideration for an excellence fellowship). Other than those needed for, there are no more documents that need to be submitted.

Internal applicants (with a bachelor’s degree from EPFL in the same subject)
Students may be contacted by sections to inquire about applying for an excellence fellowship.
By January 31 or April 30, students can also submit an application to their section.

The application ought to include:

a CV

a letter of motivation

2 letters of recommendation from academics who are familiar with students’ accomplishments and work

a transcript of each student’s EPFL grades

Excellence EPFL Scholarships 2023 Selected Applicants

The excellence fellowships Committee distributes the fellowships following a preliminary screening by the sections.
Candidates who meet the deadlines in December and April are contacted at the beginning of April and mid-June, respectively.

Students who are interested in the fellowship must state that they want to pursue a master’s degree at EPFL.

By utilizing the link provided in the email “Your application for a degree by the deadline indicated,”

registrar’s office on behalf of the master’s program at EPFL.

The following applicant on the waiting list is offered the fellowship in the event of withdrawal or failure to respond.

(reserve applicant) whose confirmation of matriculation deadline has been extended.

An attestation will be sent once matriculation is confirmed, enabling fellowship holders to begin their work.

taking care of the administrative

Rejected Applicants

The committee’s decision cannot be challenged by unsuccessful fellowship applicants, and the committee will not revisit rejected applications. The waiting list does not include students who got an email informing them that they were not selected for a fellowship.

If students choose to defer their application for an excellence fellowship, they can do it the following year.

a year of master’s. The process will be the same as for applicants for that academic year.

Payment and Renewal of Scholarship Award

Excellent academic standing is a requirement for the fellowship’s continuation and payment for a second academic year.
Fellowships are renewed when the results are released at the conclusion of the first MA year, providing that

Holders of fellowships have:

1. attained a minimum grade point average of 5.0 (6 = maximum; 4 = pass). The ECTS is used to weight the average.

each course’s credit hours. Each numerical grade from each exam and chosen course throughout the first MA

count for the average year.

2. acquired at least 50 credits (credits for language courses and credits for the summer internship in the workplace do not count).
For students who have not attained their average or required amount of credits, there will be no exceptions.

Depending on the fellowship:

• Renewed: Depending on a paid internship or master’s degree, payments will last for either one or two semesters.

the amount of credits required for the master’s program and the project

• The first year’s payment is not required to be repaid if the contract is not renewed.

Prepare for Arrival Upon Being Shortlisted

An interactive checklist with details about each action to be taken, from insurances to course registration, is offered to help students arrive at EPFL as efficiently as possible. Please refer to the email you received upon matriculation in order to activate this list.


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