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Hope Scholarship Florida

Students in grades kindergarten through 12 who are enrolled in a Florida public school and have been bullied, harassed, assaulted, threatened, or subjected to other violent acts are eligible for the Hope Scholarship, which allows them to transfer to another public school or enroll in an approved private school.

The Hope Scholarship helps students pay for college tuition, fees, books, and supplies. The Hope Scholarship can help you cover the cost of tuition and other expenses associated with attending school.


The Hope Scholarship can be used at any accredited public or private school in Florida.


What is the Hope Scholarship?


A student who has been subjected to harassment, hazing, intimidation, assault, or other forms of bullying at school may experience academic difficulties. They may continue to feel threatened in an environment where they should feel safe and at ease.

The Hope Scholarship assists families in finding a safe academic environment for their K12 students who have been bullied. The scholarship provides funds to attend a private school or a public school in another district.


Eligibility for Hope Scholarship Florida 2023

The Hope Scholarship is awarded to Florida public school students in grades K-12 who have been subjected to reported and documented bullying incidents, regardless of family income. 

Harassment, threats, intimidation, hazing, battery, physical attack, kidnapping, sexual harassment, and sexual assault are all examples of bullying.


Requirements for Hope Scholarship Florida 2023

Financial need is not a factor in the Hope Scholarship Program.

There is no difference in the eligibility requirements for the private school scholarship and the transportation scholarship.

All scholarship applications, including supporting documents, are processed in the order in which they are received, and scholarships are awarded based on the availability of funds. 

Scholarships can be transferred to other participating private schools if a student moves within the state or simply wants to change schools.

A student may keep the scholarship – depending on funding availability and notification of renewal – until they return to public school or graduate from high school.

In order to complete the application, you must have your child’s FLEID number.

 You can find this 12-digit number on the Hope Notification Form (IEPC – HS1), or by contacting your school district office or your local public school for more information.


How to Apply for Hope Scholarship Florida 2023

In order to apply for the Hope Scholarship, all paperwork must be completed online during the periods in which it is accepting applications.

  • The harassment must have taken place on or after Aug. 1, 2022.
  • A written report of a major incident should be submitted to the school principal or someone designated by him/her so that an investigation can be done.
  • When the investigation is completed, or in the case of the 15 days that have passed since the incident was reported (whichever occurs first), the principal must notify the parent about the Hope Scholarship and provide the parent with a Hope Scholarship Notification Form. This form is necessary for you to be able to submit your online Hope Scholarship application in order for Step Up For Students to be able to determine scholarship eligibility.
  • If the form is incomplete when it is submitted, the processing of the application will be delayed.
  • Applications for admissions will be processed in the order that they are received. Scholarships will be awarded to qualified applicants on a first-come, first-served basis pending availability. 


NOTE: Priority is given to those students who qualified for the Hope Scholarship last year (continuing students).


 You must submit an application through Step Up for Students.

After being awarded, you may select from the following options:


Scholarship for Private Schools

The average private school scholarship is $7,700. The final award is determined by the student’s grade level and county of residence.


  • Choose a private school that is a participant.
  • Scholarship money is delivered directly to the school. Before the payment can be issued to the school, you must approve the electronic payment.


Tuition, registration, books, school uniforms, transportation, testing, and other fees are all eligible for funds.


Scholarship for Transportation

Transportation scholarships are worth at least $750 and assist students with the costs of attending a public school other than the one to which they have been assigned.

Families will be required to submit a report card or progress report on a quarterly basis in order to confirm the student’s attendance and receive the payment that is sent directly to families.

A Hope Scholarship, once awarded, remains in place until the student returns to their zoned public school or graduates from high school, ensuring continuity of educational choice.


When is the Deadline for Hope Scholarship Florida 2023?

The application deadline for the 2023-24 school year is September 1, 2022. The application for the 2024-25 school year will be available on July 1, 2023.


What is the Hope Scholarship Florida 2023 Worth?

The Hope Scholarship amount will change each year based on the amount of state aid funding provided to county boards of education for public school students. The scholarship amount for the academic year 2022-23 will be $4,298.60.


Find out more about the amount for the Hope Scholarship Florida 2023

Hope Scholarship Florida 2023: FAQS

Q; How much does the HOPE Scholarship pay in Florida?

A; In Florida’s district schools, the average scholarship size is about $7,300, which is about 66 percent of the average expenditure per student. 


Q; How do you get the HOPE Scholarship in Florida?

A; You must apply for the scholarship through one of the approved SFOs by submitting the original version of the Hope Scholarship Notification Form as well as any additional documentation requested by the SFO. The SFO is in charge of determining eligibility and allocating funding.


Q; Can I use my student’s Hope Scholarship funds to pay tuition at a private school in a surrounding state?

A; Yes, Hope Scholarship funds can be used to pay for tuition at private schools in neighboring states that have agreed to participate in the Hope Scholarship Program.


The Hope Scholarship is a remarkable opportunity for students who face harassment, hazing, intimidation, assault, or other forms of bullying at school and may experience academic difficulties. 

They may continue to feel threatened in an environment where they should feel safe and at ease.

It provides hope for the future on many levels and offers opportunities that wouldn’t otherwise be available.

You can apply for this opportunity for any of your kids who have faced any form of harassment. 


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