7 Best Computer Science Scholarships in United Kingdom for 2023

Computer Science Scholarships

There are several computer science scholarships available in the United Kingdom, and it is one of the most popular study locations, with over 400,000 international students enrolled each year.


At the educational level, England is one of the chosen destinations for young people from all over the world, who opt to study outside their home countries with scholarships in the United Kingdom year after year. 


As a result, many cities in the U.K. consistently rank at the top of lists of the most appealing cities for students.


Spending time studying abroad is associated with prestige, quality, opportunities, and good training.


Benefits of Studying in the UK


  • Flexibility and variety- One of the most compelling reasons to study in the UK is the variety—there are a staggering 50,000 different degree programs.
  • Excellent international reputation- UK institutions are consistently ranked among the best in the world and their degrees are globally respected and recognized by employers, governments, and academic institutions for their academic strength. 
  • Quality UK universities are regularly inspected to ensure they meet the government’s high standards for teaching, learning, and research.
  • You can work while you study and after you graduate. You also have the possibility of working part-time, while you study for your degree.
  • While studying in the UK, students have the opportunity to develop the skills, knowledge, critical thinking, and connections to further their professional lives.
  • It takes one year to complete a master’s degree in the UK, compared to two years in the US and other countries, which is a great reason to study in the UK at the postgraduate level.


7 Best Computer Science Scholarships in the UK for 2023


Here are the 7 best computer science scholarships in the UK to further your studies in 2023


Gates Cambridge Scholarship


The Gates Cambridge Scholarship is a fully sponsored international student scholarship. This scholarship is available for masters and doctoral degrees. This scholarship includes a stipend of £17,500 per year, health insurance, academic development money of up to £2,000, and a family allowance of up to £10,120.


Institution: University of Cambridge

Study in: UK

Level of Study: Masters / PhD

How to Apply: Visit their website by Clicking here


Richard E. Merwin Student Scholarship


This is one of the best computer science scholarships. Students have great opportunities through this Richard E. Merwin Student Scholarship.


Also, this scholarship is open to undergraduates. Additionally, it’s open to graduate students in Electrical or computer engineering, and computer science programs. 


The program is awarded up to $40,000.


Eligibility: Undergraduate and graduate students.

Application Deadline: 30 April and 30 September of each year.


Apply Now


Computer Science Excellence Scholarship at the University of Sheffield in the UK


This is also one of the best computer science scholarships. International undergraduate students at the University of Sheffield are eligible for this scholarship.


Moreover, the scholarship amount is determined by your academic performance. And the scholarship is automatically awarded.


Course – Undergraduate.


Amount of the Award – The scholarship amount is determined by your academic performance.


Eligibility – Applicants must have a degree from the previous year.


Application Closing Date – The scholarship will be automatically awarded. As a result, no application is required.


Apply Here

Scholarship Opportunities in Canada 2023

Adobe – Research Women in Technology Scholarship


This is another computer science scholarships available. Adobe is a multinational software company that specializes in creativity and multimedia.


Its headquarters are located in San Jose, California. It is also well-known for application development. 


Furthermore, this scholarship opportunity is only available to female undergraduates who are full-time students studying computer science, technology, or a related field.


In addition, the winner will receive a $10,000 one-time award. Also included is a one-year Adobe Cloud subscription. In addition, a research mentor and the chance to interview for an internship at Adobe.




2022-2023 Google Rise Award


This is one of the computer science scholarships available. 


It is currently ongoing. As a result, if you are or intend to be a computer enthusiast, this is one of the best for you.


It is also open to a large number of countries. You may apply if you meet the requirements. This award is also one-of-a-kind because its criteria are not based on an academic level or field of study. Its sole purpose is to fund computer science education.


Furthermore, applicants from Latin America are now eligible for the RISE Awards. As well as the Asia Pacific region. As a result, there are now six continents and 243 countries.




Google Lime Scholarship


The Google Lime Award is now available to full-time undergraduate and graduate computer science students. It is also for people who have disabilities.

The program is open to those who intend to enroll as full-time university students. Also, this is for the 2022-23 academic year in either the United States or Canada.


The program’s goal is to motivate students to become future leaders in computing and technology. In addition, funding and networking retreats will be provided.


Microsoft Tuition Scholarship


Every year, Microsoft awards tuition to students studying Computer Science and related STEM disciplines. We are excited to review your application.


You must meet the following requirements to be eligible:


At the time of application, you must be enrolled full-time in a bachelor’s degree program at a four-year college or university in the United States, Canada, or Mexico.


A track record of academic success/excellence. Because the scholarship is merit-based, you must maintain a cumulative grade point average of 3.0 out of a possible 4.0, or a 4.0 out of a possible 5.0.


Demonstrate satisfactory progress toward an undergraduate degree in computer science, computer engineering, or a STEM-related field.



Tips for applying to computer scholarships


Here are some tips that can help you with your computer science applications: 


  • Start your application early
  • Make sure to read the instructions carefully before applying or hitting the submit button.
  • Always stay organized to avoid too much time wastage.
  • Ask for feedback on your application, particularly your personal statement/essay. Whether or not writing is your strong suit, the second set of eyes can help clean up grammar, mechanics, and concision in your application.
  • Finally, prioritize and give yourself deadlines.


Yes, applying for scholarships may look competitive, hard, and tiring, but it is important because it is worth it, and the scholarship opportunity will help you further your studies at a reduced rate. You don’t have to hesitate, you can start applying now. 


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