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Bryant Jordan Scholarship 2023:Apply Now 

Bryant Jordan Scholarship

7The Bryant Jordan Scholarship is a prestigious award given to outstanding college students who demonstrate a commitment to leadership and academic excellence. 


The scholarship provides financial assistance to help recipients achieve their educational and career goals. 


In this blog post, we will take a closer look at the Bryant Jordan Scholarship, including its history, eligibility requirements, and the application process. 


Whether you’re a current college student or are planning to attend college in the future, this scholarship is definitely worth considering. 


So, let’s dive in and learn more about this amazing opportunity!


About The Bryant Jordan Scholarship


The Bryant-Jordan Scholarship Program, which was given its name in honor of two Alabama sports greats – Paul “Bear” Bryant and Ralph “Shug” Jordan – brings together the most talented and accomplished high school senior student-athletes from each of the state of Alabama’s 52 regions in order to honor and celebrate their accomplishments by awarding college scholarships. 


Students who have excelled academically and those who have triumphed despite significant challenges are recognized and celebrated through the Bryant-Jordan Program. 


Their scholarships are divided into two main categories: The Scholar-Athlete Award is given to graduating high school seniors who are not only exceptional academically but also exceptional athletes. The following are factors that are considered in the selection process: academic status, participation in sports, athletic accolades, student leadership, and civic/church leadership.


And Achievement Award, which is presented to senior high school student-athletes who have accomplished a level of accomplishment that is commensurate with their abilities or who may have prevailed over an exceptional obstacle.


Benefits of The Bryant Jordan Scholarship


The Bryant-Jordan Student-Athlete Scholarship Program is a prestigious award that recognizes and rewards outstanding student-athletes in Alabama for their achievements in academics, athletics, and leadership. 


The program offers a range of benefits that can help recipients achieve their educational and career goals, including:


  • Financial assistance: The scholarship provides financial assistance to help cover the cost of tuition, room and board, and other educational expenses. This can help alleviate the financial burden of college and allow recipients to focus on their studies and athletic pursuits.


  • Recognition and prestige: Being a Bryant-Jordan Scholar is a significant achievement that can open doors to future opportunities. The scholarship is highly respected and can serve as a valuable addition to a student-athlete’s resume.


  • Mentoring and networking opportunities: Scholarship recipients have the opportunity to connect with other successful student-athletes and participate in mentoring programs that can help them develop leadership and professional skills.


  • Publicity: With the program, the scholarship recipients are recognized with a banquet and their achievements are shared through press releases and publications, giving them public recognition for their achievements.


  • The scholarship program encourages student-athletes to maintain a balance between their athletics and academic pursuits, and to strive for excellence in both areas, which can lead to a more well-rounded and successful future.



The Bryant-Jordan Scholarship Program is open to any and all senior student-athletes in the state of Alabama whose schools are affiliated with the Alabama High School Athletic Association. 


Anyone who is considering applying must first receive a nomination from one of the school’s principals, coaches, or athletic directors. 


The party that is nominated is the one that is responsible for submitting applications.


Program Timeline 


On November 14, 2022, all high school principals will get full information regarding the scholarship process. This information will include nomination details and application information.


On January 11, 2023, principals are required to submit nominations for their schools to the respective area chairpersons.


On January 18, 2023, Area Committees will make their picks and promptly submit them to the Chairpersons of the Regions.


The winners of each region will be chosen by the Region Committees on JANUARY 25, 2023, and the information will be submitted to the Bryant-Jordan office as soon as possible, but not later than FEBRUARY 1, 2023.


The regional winners of the Bryant-Jordan Program will be notified of their selection through letter on February 22, 2023. This notification will include information about the banquet as well as further scholarship options. These letters will be delivered to the winners’ homes after they are selected.


In MARCH 2023, the State Selection Committee will get together to choose the winners for each category and the competition as a whole.


A banquet and ceremony to present the 38th Annual Bryant-Jordan Awards will take place at the Sheraton Birmingham Hotel Ballroom on April 10, 2023.


How to Apply 


The following factors are used to identify candidates who meet the eligibility requirements:


  • Every school will select their candidates to put forth for consideration in the regional competition.
  • The winners of the competitions held in each area are chosen by a committee composed of the principals of the schools in that area.
  • It is up to the administrators of schools in each region to decide who the winners of that region will be.
  • The winners from each region are then entered into a competition before a selection committee, who will choose the overall champion in each category.
  • Following this, winners from each class are compared to one another to determine the state’s best Scholar Athlete and best Achievement winner.


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In conclusion, the Bryant-Jordan Student-Athlete Scholarship Program is a valuable resource for Alabama high school athletes. It provides financial assistance to students who excel not only in athletics, but also in the classroom and community. 


The scholarship is a testament to the importance of balancing academics and athletics, and encourages students to strive for excellence in both areas. 


The program is also an opportunity for Alabama high school athletes to be recognized for their achievements and to be awarded for their hard work and dedication. 


Overall, the Bryant-Jordan Student-Athlete Scholarship Program is a valuable investment in the future of Alabama’s student-athletes and in the state’s athletic programs

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