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Barnard Transfer Acceptance Us

Barnard Transfer Acceptance Us, Aiming to give ambitious and accomplished young women the best liberal arts education possible, Barnard College offers the unmatched benefits of an outstanding residential college in collaboration with a significant research university. Barnard University has a committed staff of researchers who have achieved distinction in their areas. Barnard is a community of approachable professors and involved students who engage in joint intellectual risk-taking and discovery. Students at Barnard acquire the intellectual tools necessary to seize chances as new disciplines, concepts, and technologies are developed. They graduate with the skills necessary to lead successful, personally happy lives that are also enhanced by a passion for learning.

Barnard Transfer Acceptance Us

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Acceptance Rate for Barnard Transfers in 2022–203, Requirements, and the submission deadline

Barnard College has a single-digit admission rate for first-year candidates. The criteria for this women’s college connected with Columbia have fully attained Ivy League norms. The fact that Barnard continues to be a school that is exceptionally transfer-friendly is more encouraging for prospective applicants. In reality, they ultimately accept 150–250 transfers annually, which is good. This blog will discuss the acceptance rate for transfers to Barnard College as well as other crucial details including the transfer deadline, the requirements and checklist for candidates, the transfer decision date, and much more.

Acceptance Rate of Transfers at Barnard

The most recent Barnard transfer acceptance rate as well as earlier data are shown here.

There were 1,011 transfer applicants in the fall of 2022, and 250 people were accepted. This indicates that Barnard’s acceptance rate for transfers is 24.7%. There were 171 more applications in the spring, and 47 of them were accepted, yielding a somewhat higher 27.5% mark.

It’s crucial to use historical data when attempting to gain a full picture of how challenging it is to transfer into a specific institution. The admission percentage for transfers at some universities varies wildly from year to year. As you can see, the acceptance rate outside of this cycle often ranges from 22% to 28%.

the following historical transfer rates:

Acceptance Rate                   Year

2021                                      22.1%

2020                                      27.6%
2019                                     22.3%

2018                                     21.8%

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Transfer deadline for Barnard

The college provides a spring and fall transfer option. For autumn applicants, the Barnard transfer deadline is March 1. The application date for the spring is November 1.

Requirements for Transfer to Barnard

The following are the Barnard transfer requirements:

  • completed the common transfer application
  • final transcript from high school
  • official transcript from college
  • descriptions of courses in a word document
  • SAT or ACT results (optional in 2023)
  • midterm and college report
  • one recommendation letter
  • supporting financial aid documentation

Students that stand the best chance of being accepted to Barnard have engaged in the following activities:

  • accumulated 24 to 60 college credits.
  • received outstanding grades at a community college or four-year institution.
  • completed necessary curriculum. As the institution puts it, “We advocate choosing college courses that might transfer to a liberal arts and sciences college like Barnard to boost your profile as a transfer student and ensure that you will be more competitive in our candidate pool.”

The Barnard Transfer GPA

Although Barnard does not have a formal minimum GPA requirement, we found that applicants with a 3.75 or higher have the best chance of being accepted.

How to apply for US admission to Barnard

You must complete the following procedures in order to apply for transfer admission to Barnard College in the United States:

  • Review the transfer admission criteria, including the necessary amount of transferrable credits and the specific academic requirements, before submitting your application.
  • Complete the Common Application for Transfer Students and submit it: The Common Application for Transfer Students is available online. You must send the necessary supplemental documentation, such as transcripts, test results, and a personal essay, along with your application.
  • Request authentic transcripts from any previous institutions and universities you attended and provide them. Direct delivery of these transcripts to Barnard College is recommended.
  • Make arrangements for test results: If necessary, make plans for Barnard College to receive your SAT or ACT test results.


  • You may need to submit extra resources, such as portfolios, writing samples, or letters of recommendation, depending on your major.


  • Wait for a decision on admission: After completing your application, Barnard College will send you a decision on acceptance. You will be given details on how to enroll and finish the enrollment process if admission is offered.

Note: For the most recent information, it is advisable to visit the Barnard College website. This information is subject to change.

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advantages of Barnard admission us

Several advantages will be available to you if Barnard College in the United States accepts you as a transfer student, including:

  • Barnard College provides a supportive learning environment that is especially created to fulfill the needs of transfer students. You will have access to a wide range of tools and services that will ease your transition to college life.
  • A demanding academic program: Barnard College provides a demanding academic program that is intended to inspire and challenge students. You will get the chance to conduct cutting-edge research and study with eminent academics.
  • Access to world-class resources: Barnard College provides a variety of facilities and resources, including libraries, computer labs, and research centers, that are intended to assist student learning and achievement.
  • Possibilities for personal development: Transferring to Barnard College can be a life-changing experience that enables you to advance both intellectually and personally. You will have the chance to push yourself, discover novel concepts, and create enduring bonds with your classmates and lecturers.
  • A vibrant and diverse community: Students, teachers, and staff from all over the world attend Barnard College. You will get the chance to converse and interact with people from all origins, cultures, and viewpoints.

Note: For the most recent information, it is advisable to visit the Barnard College website. This information is subject to change.

Fequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Accepts transfer students at Barnard?

Students who have completed 24 to 60 transferable credits at another institution after high school are welcome to apply for transfer admission to Barnard. A student must apply as a first-year student if they expect to finish fewer than 24 credits.

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What is the transfer acceptance rate to Barnard College?

A competitive 21.76% of transfer students are accepted by Barnard College. You need a current GPA of at least 4.0 to be considered for admission to Barnard College; ideally, your GPA will be around 4.16. Additionally, you will be required to provide your test results.

What GPA is required for admission to Barnard?

Students must have a GPA of 4.0 in order to be considered as a competitive transfer applicant to Barnard College. as in the most, if not all, of the earlier courses. Students must complete the Common Application online as the first step in the transfer application process to Barnard.

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